Monday, April 24, 2017

18 People Who Straight Up Played Themselves

Eating at that sketchy Mexican place, lying to bae, getting that drunk tattoo — we all make bad choices once in a while. And even though it totally sucks when you spend the night with violent diarrhea, or sleeping on the couch, or dropping three paychecks on tattoo removal, at the end of the day, there's no one to blame but yourself! 

1. Shouldn't have stuck your tongue out 

2. You don't wanna see what comes next 

3. Why, you ask? Too many vodka Red Bulls, that's why

4. Uh-oh 

If you think that one night stand was bad...

5. Crap, crap, crap...also: bad decision to put that on your Snapchat story

6. Not a happy customer 

7. Don't sleep with the dishwasher 

8. Yeah...that's a guy pooping

And that's not the extent of bad drunk choices...

9. Ever gotten so drunk you ordered 336 cans of cream of celery?

10. No smell was worth a freezing face

11. I know thick brows are in, but Sharpie probably wasn't the best idea...

12. Don't try and finesse the hairdresser 

Just be thankful all she had was a buzzer and not the next thing...

13. That looks like a very bad idea 

14. They should not have done that face swap. And I should not have looked at it

15. When the sign says "wet cement," it meanswet cement

Seriously, what were you thinking...Anyway, let's move on...

16. Sucker! 

17. Your first mistake was trusting your friends 

18. Oh yeah! You played yourself there!


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