Thursday, April 20, 2017

19 Times Autocorrect Completely Ruined People's Lives

Do you remember when autocorrect first came out? It was like a gift from up above and you thought it was the best thing since sliced bread (especially when you've been drinking)...yeah, well, now you hate it don't you? Because for some reason your autocorrect thinks that when you're trying to be ducking mad and serious about things that you actually mean to say ducking. WHEN DOES ANYONE MEAN TO SAY DUCKING? Never. 

These hilarious autocorrects essentially ruined (or almost ruined) the lives of the people sending or receiving these texts.

1. Because a good fisting always helps cheer me up, that's for sure.


3. Oh. That's what she meant when she prefaced it with "leggo of my prego".


5. Penises wear and tear after a while, I guess?

6. No wonder she got that promotion so fast.

7. This almost ruined every family dinner ever.

8. That is the worst thing to happen at the worst time.

9. This text has a whole lot of nope for both parties involved.

10. The Adventures of the Panty Raiders.

11. This is a sad, sad autocorrect.

12. Damn, that girl almost got uninvited to her own family's Christmas dinner.

13. It's either all or nothing with this one.

14. It gets worse and worse...

15. ...NO MOM, NO!

16. To some, that wouldn't really be a punishment. 

17. This person who almost made it to top chef...but didn't.

18. Another top chef in the making obviously.

19. Well, that's always a gay old time.


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