Monday, April 10, 2017

22 People Who Probably Won't Win Their Next Spelling Bee

I get it, English is hard. With all those rules like "I before E... except when we feel like changing it up," or distinguishing between their, there, and they're, it's almost enough to make you give up and vow to never write another word again. Luckily, we have a thing called spell-check that can help us get through our day and fool people into believing we have a grasp on the English language. But when you turn spell-check off (or make up some completely incomprehensible word instead), all bets are off.

Here are 21 people who probably won't win their next spelling bee:

1. Heh heh

2. It's tomorrow in another dimension

3. Oh no...

4. And you say you're in college?

5. To be fair, we all thought we were "human beans" as kids

6. Is that like bartering?

7. It's true

8. When a comment gets more likes than the original status

9. I doubt that too

10. That happened

11. Heh

12. Why the hate for our man Hippocrates?

13. 80HD is the new ADHD

14. Or the escape goat could work as your scapegoat

15. Much better than Caesar salad

16. Is that a new medical condition?

17. I hope her hair doesn't really smell like that...

18. Might want to learn this one

19. Oprah's latest starring role

20. The Eiffel Tower is too mainstream

21. I can't even...

22. There are more incorrect words than right ones here

Collage source: Acid Cow


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