Monday, April 17, 2017

23 Yearbook Entries That Left A Laughing Impression

Yearbook pictures and quotes were once the most important moments in our young lives. These documented words and images are what we're remembered for years down the road, when fellow alumni take out their 2006 yearbook to judge all the peers they once knew. So it's a big decision to make: Do I make a joke? Do I collaborate with friends? Do I wear something stupid? Whichever route you decide to take, let's hope it makes an impression on many, much like these #yearbookwins did.

1. Everybody makes mistakes

2. He is now!

3. This needed to be said

4. I agree 100%

5. They probably had to deal with this for too long

They are fed up!

6. Gotta love a HIMYM reference

7. Procrastination at its finest

8. How dare they!

9. Ladykiller?

I'm not so sure!

10. BFF!

True friendship

11. Did we just get Rick-rolled?

12. Ouch!

13. Sorry Mom!

14. Controversial!

15. Teachers just wanna have fun

After all, they're stuck doing picture day ever year for the rest of their lives!

16. I mean, he's not wrong... right?

17. Collage might be ruff for him

18. If you're not first, you're last

19. A's are just average

20. Maybe I spoke too soon


22. Same

23. Now that'swhat I call a highlight!

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