Friday, April 14, 2017

24 Tin Can DIYs That Prove Mason Jars Are So Yesterday

Tin cans are one thing that there is never a shortage of around my house. I usually just recycle them, but what a waste if I'm just going to go buy something that I could have just as easily made. These tin can crafts are such a good idea, and there are so many useful things that you can make!

1. Light up your whole house with a tin can spotlight.  

2. Turn a tin can into a faux-saic (a fake mosaic). 

3. Make a wind chime out of tin can lids. 

4. Make fake birch planters out of a tin can and some really cool wallpaper. 

5. These perfect, pretty planters are just spray-painted tin cans. 

6. This tin can pencil holder prevents anything from getting lost in the bottom. 

7. Cover a can in cork to get this cute shadow effect. 

8. Save your money for your wine by making this cheap wine rack. 

9. Or turn a can into a calendar that never runs out of time. 

10. Make a table out of tin cans. 

11. Make your own citronella candles. 

12. Turn tin cans into fun jars with lids. 

13. Make tin can table numbers. 

14. Make your own fun luminaries. 

15. Make a wind chime out of the whole stinkin' can. 

16. There's also these can-within-a-can chimes. 

17. Let the kids have a ball with this Halloween tin can bowling idea!

18. Make a pretty hanging herb garden. 

19. Make a centerpiece out of some cool cans. 

20. Make a bee condo, so the busy pollinators can take a rest. 

21. Make hanging lamps out of bigger tin cans. 

22. Use tin cans to make this pretty pumpkin arrangement. 

23. Label your plants with tin can labels. 

24. If your lawn chairs don't have cup holders, make your own!


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