Monday, April 10, 2017

28 Double-Take Pictures In Need Of A Second Look

This is a list of pictures that will make you do a double take. Think of them as real-life puzzles. I guarantee it'll be more fun that way. 

1. Mr. Stretch

2. Wait a minute

3. It totally looks like this dog is driving

4. Too much information

5. Either way, they aren't wrong

6. Wait, wut?

7. Ah, they got me

8. Now I'm freakin' out

9. The floating podium

10. Tiny kids or giant friends?

11. That's one weird lookin' doggo

12. Now this is what I call talent

13. Full or empty?

You tell me

14. Oh no! Giant bugs are taking over

I knew this day would come

15. Creepy

16. I'm trippin' out, maaann

17. Legendary

18. Matchy matchy

19. Whose is whose? 

20. Is she a vampire? Because I don't see her reflection... 

21. Who knew the countryside had such distinguished features?

22. "Skyboating"

23. Jackie's levitating! 

24. Yeah, you're not the only one who read that wrong

25. I definitely thought that was his arm 

26. Check out the legs on that woman

27. The super wedgie

28. Out of focus steak or prosciutto slices?


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