Saturday, April 22, 2017

39 Desperate And Insane Things Done By Evil Exes

Relationships are weird, my friends! Any single one of them is a 50/50 situation. You're either getting married or breaking up, and it's really hard to determine which one of those is worse, especially if you wind up with somebody like the people in this article. Emotions can get you all twisted up inside and make you do some wild shit! That's okay, we all do it, but IF POSSIBLE, try not to be like these next individuals, who gave new meaning to the typical crazy ex!

1. That's one way to invest your money!

2. You dodged a whole lot of crazy on that one, bro!

3. That's definitely going to take more than one trip...

4. But you went out of your way to send a postcard, which means you're still thinking about me. Winning!

5. They say revenge is best served cold, but I prefer it FROSTED!

6. We all have to do our part to keep the garbage out of the dating pool

She looks so accomplished. How do you print out text messages, though? 

7. The boss is still a little bitter about that one...

8. "Try walking out on me now, Dave!" –Her


10. Stage 5 clinger here!

11. That's why you don't date big game hunters or vampire slayers, man!

12. Wait you ARE the crazy ex? Or you have one? I'm worried...

13. This is how you BECOME the crazy ex, right here!

14. Congratulations! You're legitimately a sociopath!

15. Listen all of y'all it's a sabotage

16. Strange...

17. Getting stranger...

18. I'm beginning to think these aren't coincidences...

19. Really gives a whole new meaning to "can't live with 'em, can't live without 'em"

20. After the previous individual, I'm not even sure if this is a joke

21. Two years? Apparently time doesn't heal all wounds.

22. Joke's on this guy, she still gets the money.

Plus, she doesn't have to deal with his petty ass.

23. Property damage won't heal the heart.

But it will feel pretty darn good at the time

24. Nothing gets the anger brewing quite like a parking ticket. 

That parking ticket is worth more than my mortgage.

25. That is HARSH! 

Bringing siblings into the revenge game has by far the most savage thing you can do

26. Not a bad touch-up as far as touch-ups go

And who doesn't love Sriracha? 

27. Some things can't be ignored. 

You might want to remember this tactic before you ghost your last one night stand

28. You can be thankful there's no permanent damage.

But you might be a little late getting to work today. 

29. Ahhh I see this one didn't care for the plastic wrap idea

Sometimes you want something that makes more of an impression

30. It's never a good idea to start beef with your ex on social media

Vegans can be savage too!

31. Just when you really started to like the neighborhood 

Make sure when you move, she doesn't have your new address.

32. No "takesies-backsies" doesn't apply when it comes to breakups 

To be fair to both of them, it's a nice hat.

33. Got a cheating husband? Invest in a lawn sign

Man, Linnie sure does get around.

34. When your wife leaves you, and her wedding dress behind

Instead of being heartbroken, he did something a whole lot better. He found 101 ways to use her wedding dress, and it was so popular he actually published a book about it.

35. You don't deserve to wear that Beatles tee, you conniving harlot!

36. The guilt won't last forever, but that tattoo certainly will.

It really doesn't surprise me that the most creative people out there are the ones who are fired up after finding out they've been betrayed by their partner.

37. Ashes to ashes, dust to dust

This is why you take all your stuff with you after the breakup.

38. Not the joint checking account!

Nothing tastes better than revenge you don't have to pay for!

39. Yeah, I'm not surprised...


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