Monday, April 3, 2017

5-Year-Old Girl Makes History As Youngest Ever Finalist For National Spelling Bee

She may be tiny, but 5-year-old Edith Fuller is heading to Washington, D.C. in May to compete in the 90th annual Scripps National Spelling Bee this coming May. In her cute little dress and with a bow in her hair, Edith defeated dozens of older kids at her regional competition in Tulsa, Oklahoma without breaking a sweat. 

After surprising her parents by correctly spelling the word "restaurant," the homeschooler began training for competition. 

She says her training style is simple: "My mommy asked me words, and every time I misspelled one, I would look at it."

The words she had to spell weren't simple, either! Over the course of the day, she spelled words like "sevruga" (a type of caviar) and "jacamar" (a bird with a long bill).

Whenever she returned to her seat successful, the other contestants would offer her high fives. 

In the end, she correctly spelled 37 words. The final was "jnana," which is Sanskrit and refers to a higher state of knowledge achieved through study and meditation. 

I've never even heard of a lot of the words the kids were quizzed on!

As the event ended and after trophies were handed out, Edith told the audience, "I'm going to D.C.!"

She'll be representing eastern Oklahoma at the National Spelling Bee.

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