Tuesday, April 25, 2017

6 Photos Of Tattoo Nails That Are Even Better Than Real Ink

The nail trends that have emerged so far in 2017 have been mind-blowing to say the least. We've seen diamond nails, cuticle-lined nails, and now, a slightly edgier manicure trend. Tattoo-inspired manicures are quickly dominating my Instagram feed, and the results are simply amazing. Although you'll see super colorful and vintage-inspired "tattoos" on this list, my favorite designs are the subtler ones with clear base polishes. Would you try out a tattoo-inspired manicure? Keep on scrolling to find out!

1. These vintage-looking rock n' roll nail tattoos are so much fun. The solid black accent nails were the perfect choice. 

2. I love the simplicity of this tattoo manicure. The palm tree nail is so cute and cheery!

3. These colorful tattoo-inspired nails are simply amazing. The detail that went into this manicure is seriously impressive. 

4. This is probably my favorite manicure of the list. I love how the simple black designs look on the clear base polish.

5. These black, turquoise, and emoji "tattoos" are way too adorable. The verdict is in: clear base polish looks the best with tattoo manicures. 

6. These bright and classic tattoo designs are super cute. Which design is your favorite?


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