Monday, April 10, 2017

Artist Uses Body Paint To Look Like Super Heroes


This is Kay Pike. 

She's 28-year old model from Calgary, Alberta and she has a jaw-droppingly unique way to look like her favorite superheroes. It's kind of unbelievable.

And it requires a painstaking amount of time, patience... and ridiculous supply of paint.

Her 145,000 fans on both Facebook andInstagram know all about her take on cosplay...

I mean it looks like a Spiderman cartoon, right?

Well, let the video play...

Each of her body paint cosplays typically takes her ten hours to do. So committed!

Here, she's Robin from Batman.

She wasn't able to make traditional costumes because of "health issues," and she wanted to still dress up in someway. She figured out a way when she met a body painter at the Edmonton Comic Expo.

Here she is a creepy-looking titan from the anime Attack on Titan. 

This is her lady Deadpool! "It’s been a great way to play without the pain."

"I’ve always been cosplaying, but recently I had [arthritic] health problems and I haven’t been able to dress up," she said. That meant she couldn't spend hours hunched over a sewing machine to make her costumes.

Now while most of the attention as been overwhelming positive, there are a lot of nay-sayers who she has to deal with.

But she rocks even dealing with that!

She admits that she does get "alarming" misogynistic comments here and there but she gets through by thinking positive. She's so brave!

 She plays villains too. This is her take on Two-Face — a major Batman villain.

Dammmmmmmmmmn, Kay... Captain Planet??

She says this took her 14 hours — the longest body paint cosplay she's done.

What does she think of all the overwhelming support? "People are interested at the idea that models have talent, I guess.”

This is a tiny window into what her transforming happens live...

Twice a week, Pike invites fans to watch a Twitch livestream of her crazy transformation happen before their eyes..

Here's the final product!

It's Thanos from Guardians of the Galaxy!

All her transformations are next-level cool...

This is her shout-out to a Canadian hero: Captian Canuck!

All I know is that this model is out-of-this-world FIERCE.

Honestly, she's SO good at pulling this off!

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Main image via Kay Pike

Collage image via Kay Pike


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