Friday, April 7, 2017

Do You Agree With Your State's Favorite Fast Food Chain?

For all the talk we've had in recent years about the widespread love for healthy choices like kale, the era of going out for a quick bite at a fast food joint has hardly come to an end. All told, the fast food industry still makes $110 billion every year and serves 50 million Americans every day. At last report, over a third of North American children will get a significant portion of their daily calorie intake from fast food.

Yet lately, we've heard nothing but bad news coming from McDonald's, who began 2015 by closing hundreds of locations throughout the world. So where is all this money really going to?

To answer that, the makers of popular city-guide app Foursquare have teamed up with INSIDER to see who tops the fast food charts in every state. And it explains a lot.

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To determine the big fast food winner, Foursquare had a look through their user check-ins over the last six months.

They had a list of the 20 biggest restaurants for each state and combed through their data to see which one ended up appearing the most in customer check-ins.

So why bother to do any of this?

Well, with the way that Californians always go on about how great In-N-Out Burger is, it's interesting to see if these sort of attitudes actually represent the common feeling or if they're just coming from a small but vocal group.

Plus, we can probably get a handle on where things are going when we find out the winner.

The leader of an industry tends to spawn a bunch of imitators, so there's a good chance we'll get an idea as to what sort of choices we can expect to see more of in the future.

This map shows exactly what those six months of check-ins have to tell us.

Find your state and see who's running things out where you live.

As we examine this map, we can notice some big trends sweeping the country.

For one thing, McDonald's seems to be losing more ground than we might have thought.

Although being the leading brand in 17 states is certainly nothing to scoff at, it wasn't too long ago that most of the map would have been covered in golden arches. 

Instead, waffle fries and chicken sandwiches seem to be the order of the day.

With about half the country craving Chick-fil-A, it's hard to find a clearer winner than this when it comes to Foursquare check-ins. 

Still, it seems our Californian friends were telling the truth about In-N-Out Burger

In fact, the In-N-Out fever seems to have spread beyond the Golden State and now rules Nevada, Arizona, and Utah.

For the most part, the rest of the list seems to be filled out with regional favorites.

Dick's Drive-In, Culver's and Zippy's are the clear favorites in their respective home states of Washington, Wisconsin, and Hawaii. Burgerville also mainly serves the Pacific Northwest, so it's no surprise to see it win in Oregon.

However, it seems the same cannot be said for poor Wendy's and Sonic, whose home states of Ohio and Oklahoma seem to prefer Chick-fil-A. 

I think folks in New Mexico were just happy to finally find a Sonic since their commercials seem to reach a lot farther than their locations.  

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