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How The Starving Nigerian Child Looks Now Is Completely Amazing

No one wants to read a story about a young child nearly losing their life, except when it has an incredibly happy ending like the one I'm about to tell you.

You may remember the story of a two-year-old Nigerian boy who was left for dead in his village because his family thought he was a witch. Yes, you read that correctly. For eight months, the boy roamed the streets of the village on his own, surviving on scraps of food. People visiting the village were shocked to see an emaciated young boy walking around naked with no supervision or care.

Thanks to a Danish woman named Anja Ringgren Loven, this little boy was able to make a full recovery and the new photos are absolutely stunning!

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This now-famous photo shocked the world when it was revealed months ago that a two-year-old boy was walking the street starving to death because his parents labeled him a witch.

It's not exactly clear why they made that decision, but it isn't uncommon in parts of Africa for this to occur.

The woman in the picture giving him water is Anja Ringgren Lovén, who was so shocked by his condition that she immediately took him in.

Anja immediately wrapped the boy in a blanket and rushed him to the nearest hospital.

Not only was he incredibly under-nourished, doctors had to remove worms from his body.

Luckily, the little boy, who Anja named Hope, was given the help he needed before it was too late.

Here is Hope starting to recover after Anja took him in.

Hope is in the news again for one incredible reason. He has made quite the recovery. You have to see this...

Over several months, Hope has flourished into a happy, healthy young boy!


Here is Anja standing with the little man.

You can tell he has some serious character, that's for sure.

It's great to see him doing so well! 

Anja has started a non-profit charitable organization called African Children's Aid Education and Development Foundation. You can visit the Facebook page for the organization here. The organization was formed to help children who are labeled as witches and then neglected. Anja says that "Thousands of children are being accused of being witches and we've both seen torture of children, dead children and frightened children."

Here is Hope hanging out, having a good time.

His body language shows you how comfortable life is for him these days, a stark contrast from his time roaming his village looking for food.

You have to see more incredibly cute pictures of Hope with his new siblings.

Again, that sass coming out!

Looks like he has a great support system in place.

Anja recently posted this picture of the young man heading to school!

What a cute picture. 

With people like Anja in the world, kids growing up in poverty-ridden regions of the world can have hope.

On her Facebook page, Anja sums up her message very clearly:

"A message to the world 🌍 A HOPE to all the children all over the world that they are surrounded by love and care. If not,it's our biggest responsibility as adults to make sure that no child in this world is left alone, no child should suffer, no child should face torture and abuse!"

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