Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Model Speaks Out About How This Popular Picture Ruined Her Life

It is often said that seeing is believing. Well in the case of Taiwanese model Heidi Yeh, this may not be entirely true. The model has spoken out about an image meme on the internet that has ruined her life and her career.

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"Just because I'm a model, people can hurt me like this and I can't fight back. I just want to hide."

Yeh's story begins with shooting an advertisement for a Taiwanese cosmetic clinic depicting an attractive couple and 3 children who have had their facial features digitally altered to highlight a contrast between them and the parents.

The advertisement had a caption that read "The only thing you'll ever have to worry about is how to explain it to the kids."

According to Heidi Yeh, the contract signed by her agency and international advertising firm J Walter Thompson was for newspaper and print usage by only the one clinic. However, this would not end up being the case.

Eventually JWT allowed another clinic, Simple Beauty, to make use of the image as well as posting it to the JWT Facebook page.

At this point, the image spread like wildfire across the internet and rumors started to take hold.

The stories that were created about Heidi Yeh would change her life forever...

The image was turned into a meme and shared across the internet with a new caption.

Yeh had never had plastic surgery done, but had now become the center of many rumors and speculations about her personal life.

'People thought it was real.'

In 2012, a Chinese tabloid created a story based on the image about a man in Heilongjiang suing his wife when he discovered she'd had plastic surgery before they met, leading to their children looking nothing like her.

Yeh's family and friends began to question her about the rumors.

Yeh's then-boyfriend broke up with her due to the constant rumors, and she saw a distinct decline in modeling work after the meme and story. "People refused to believe that I had never had plastic surgery... After this, I only got small roles in advertisements."

Yeh has made many attempts to have the image removed from the second clinic's site as well as JWT's.

She has finally seen success with the help of a Taipei city councillor after stating during a press conference that she would attempt to sue JWT.

JWT claims that because they own the copyright to the photo, they are free to edit, modify, and use it.

Yeh's lawyer Chang Yu-chi stated: "We gave you the copyright and the right to edit it, but we didn't give you the right to let another company use it, and to use it online."

Here's hoping that Heidi Yeh's life can return to normal once all of this is over and she can resume the modeling career she once loved so much.

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