Thursday, April 27, 2017

Only The Sharpest Eyes Can See The Difference In These 10 Puzzles

Do you have super vision? If you pride yourself on having eagle eyes, you definitely should try these 10 scene puzzles. The objective is to find what is different between two very similar scenes. Playbuzz has compiled quite the difficult series of images, let me tell ya. 
Let's get to it...
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1. Do you see anything different between these two pictures?

There is a very subtle difference in the sign on the top part of the door circled in green. 

Get that one? Let's keep going...

2. How about between these two street scenes?

There is an opening above the door in the left image.

3.These two boat scenes look pretty similar to me...

Did you see the different squares?

4. Two scenes of a woman walking her dog. 

The flower bush on the right is slightly more full and has a brighter yellow. 

5.How about these two scenes?

The window on the right is double-sided!

6.This one took me a while.

The scene on the right has an extra light.

7. Now this one is verrrry subtle.

These flowers on the right are red!

8. This one is tricky, but doable. 

The reflection off of the water doesn't show an extra stick/spike on the top of the tower on the right.

9. How about these lush scenes?

There's an extra bush near the fence on the right.

10. We definitely saved the hardest for last, are you ready?

If you look really closely, there is text on the sign in the left scene. 

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