Tuesday, April 11, 2017

People Are Struggling To Spot The Deer In These Images

If guns aren't your thing, here's a great way to hunt deer — in pictures!

Maybe optometrists should change their eye tests, because this one is a doozy. You could go cross-eyed trying to figure out the hiding spots these deer have found. And it's not like deer have the greatest camouflage in nature. They aren't chameleons. But this little test is ample proof that they're well adapted to their surroundings.

Hunters need to be able to find their quarry in five seconds or less before they're likely to scamper off. So, are your eyes sharp enough to find the deer hidden in these pics in less than five seconds? How many can you see?

Check page 2 for the answers!

1. Could be your own backyard.

2. Didn't think deer would hide out in the swamp, did you?

3. Seems like this one should be more obvious.

4. Tough one! 

5. Doesn't seem like the deer has many hiding places here. And yet...

6. Not exactly standing out against the snow.

Answers below...

Deer #1

Deer #2

Deer #3

Deer #4

Deer #5

Deer #6

Main image via Ski-Epic

Collage image via The Jump


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