Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Two Men Try Labor Pain And Regret Everything They've Ever Said About It

When it comes to painful experiences, giving birth ranks up there pretty high, if not the highest. Of course, women alone have to endure this agony while men watch from the bedside.

Some men are skeptical about the extent of the pain that women feel when they give birth. When one of these guys comes around, they say that women just exaggerate stuff and that labor pain is just another example of this. Well, it looks like a few of these fellas put their money where their mouths are and strapped on labor pain simulators for the world to see. Oh boy, did they get what was coming to them...

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So two guys made a video talking a lot of smack, saying outright that they think women are exaggerating the pain felt during labor. 

They are tired of women thinking that they are weak and say that, "According to women, us men can't handle any of it."

What one of the men say next will likely rile up a lot of the people reading this article. 

"Well, did you know that according to men, women exaggerate everything?" 

This is when they scheduled an appointment with Dr. Julie Masters to test once and for all whether they can handle the same level of pain a woman feels while she gives birth. 

Shortly after meeting the men, Dr. Masters explains that electrodes will be strapped to their abdomens to deliver jolts of pain. This pain is calibrated to reflect levels felt during actual labor. 

This guy seems like he might be getting a little scared... Next comes the intense part. 

Are you ready for this?

The worry begins to mount on the men's faces as the first currents are about to be administered to their bodies. 

Things get even better when the men's wives enter the room with the most satisfied smiles on their faces — and some coffees, of course. 

Dr. Masters administered a jolt of electricity.

They are already losing their composure...

Next comes the later stages of labor...

The men totally lost control when "active labor" began.

The agony is readily apparent on one of the men's faces while his wife and Dr. Masters seem entertained, to say the least. 

The other man screams in pain while his wife physically supports him through such a big moment!

It seems like the wives can't help themselves as the agony for the two men continue. 

While the men are receiving pain comparable to labor for a one-hour period, it doesn't compare to an actual first labor that lasts 16 hours on average. Sorry guys, this was just a sample taste. 

You have to see them after the simulation is over...

The men seemed relieved that it's over, to say the least. 

When asked how the experience was, one simply said, "That sucked, that was horrible".

This fellow had something he wanted to say to his mom directly after the experience. 

"Mom, if anything that I just experienced is anywhere close to what I did to you all those years ago, I'm sorry, you're like a superhero."

Here's the video showing the entire process!

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