Sunday, April 16, 2017

Two Pilots Make History As Delta's First All-Female, All-Black Flight Crew

As Black History Month comes to a close and with International Women's Day upon us, what could be a more perfect story to share than that of a pair of African-American women pilots making history? I can't think of anything better! Captain Stephanie Johnson and First Officer Dawn Cook did just that! 

Last year, Captain Stephanie Johnson was named the first Black female captain for Delta Airlines. The breakthrough comes 93 years into the life of the airline. The promotion went viral when Delta featured Johnson in a series called "Delta's Very Own Heroes."

Johnson has been a commercial airline pilot for more than 20 years and already made history once as the first Black female pilot at Northwest Airlines in 1997. She's currently based in Detroit.

As the story broke about Johnson's history-making move, Atlanta-base pilot and First Officer Dawn Cook was delighted to realize that she'd be flying out of Detroit at the end of February.

She got in contact with Johnson to see if their schedules would align. 

They made it happen and as Black History Month drew to a close, the two pilots climbed into the cockpit together to make a historic flight.

It is the first ever Delta mainline flight with an all African-American flight crew. 

Photos of the event were posted by friends and family on social media and were shared by Delta's official Twitter accounts. 

Cook's brother-in-law said in his post: "We love you and are so proud! Keep climbing to the highest heights!"

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