Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Why Coke's $100 Million Promotion With Fart-Water Cans Failed Almost

Why Coke's $100 Million Promotion With Fart-Water Cans Failed Almost Immediately

In the summer of 1990, Coke had a big promotion planned that failed almost before it even started. For the promotion, Coke would distribute cans containing coupons or random amounts of money, anywhere from $5 to $500, that would literally spring up out of the can when you opened it. Sounds awesome, right? In reality, the MagiCan promotion, as it came to be known, was doomed pretty much from the get-go. The campaign was plagued by a host of problems, from communication to engineering, but the problems it suffered in 1990 can provide important lessons for us today.

Coca-Cola's MagiCan promotion seemed fairly well thought-out on paper. The MagiCans would have a spring-loaded mechanism inside so the prizes would pop right up when they were opened. 

The cans were filled with chlorinated water for weight, and just so people wouldn't drink the water, they added ammonium sulfate, the stuff that makes farts smell like rotten eggs.

All good ideas, to be sure, except for one small problem: Coke didn't adequately test the MagiCans before sending them out. Even 1% of 100,000 cans meant that 1,000 people got soggy, foul-smelling cash in their MagiCan. 

Worse, Coke didn't do a great job of advertising the promotion, so complaints started to roll in about nasty-smelling, nasty-tasting Coke. Yes, people drank from the faulty cans even though they smelled like rotten eggs.

Although Coke had created 750,000 MagiCans for the promotion, they had to shut it down after about 200,000 had shipped. When rumors started to spread that a boy had been hospitalized after drinking from one of the faulty cans, Coke knew their promotion was over. 

In fact, the boy was fine – he had just been taken to hospital as a precaution by his parents, who worried that somebody might have fiddled with the can.

What a debacle. Learn more about Coke's summer of woe in the video below!

16 Funny Pics For Some Feel Good Laughs

16 Funny Pics For Some Feel Good Laughs

Life can get pretty hectic a lot of the time, huh? It seems like bad news is around every corner, whether you're seeking it out or not. Well, today we're gonna take a well-deserved break from all that junk and just focus on some good ole fashioned fun! These are the kinds of memes and pics that'll make your heart and face smile, the kind of stuff that could lift the mood of even the grumpiest of grumpsters. That's my hope at least. I know I can't save 'em all. But, if you're comedically inclined and like feel-good fun, then this is just the right place for you! Welcome, and enjoy! 

1. Looks like the cat's out of the bag...

2. The only school supply I'd ever need!

3. Although, there are those times when they aren't even remotely sorry for being bad...

4. And don't ever think an old dog isn't full of new tricks!

5. I always get a rise from a good Star Warsjoke!

6. Just kitten around with some furball friends

7. This lil' boy has chemistry with everyone in his class!

8. And other kids just have a chemistry all their own...

9. Did you see that woman on the road or did you drive right pasta? 

10. When you just can't resist posting a pic of you hanging out with friends

11. It's time to start giving a duck

12. "Sure, uhh... say cheese, I guess."

13. I'm starting to CDstypes of pics everywhere, but this one is perfect!

14. Definitely a candidate for father of the year right here

15. And just when you think there's no hope for modern media...

16. I wanted to end on a peaceful note, but sometimes you gotta compromise with nature

24 Funny Pics So Funny You'll Say, 'Hey! These Are Funny!'

24 Funny Pics So Funny You'll Say, 'Hey! These Are Funny!'

It's been a long and tiring week.

You've worked your butt off for not enough money, and you deserve a break.

You deserve happiness and laughter.

And rainbows. You also definitely deserve rainbows.

1. Read all about it!

2. These are relationship goals at their finest.

3. Well, I guess it could be subjective.

4. Look out, Florida.

5. Cats are jerks.

6. I used to buy things that said "Caitlin" because there were never any "Caylens."

7. When the snow dares you to come out and play.

8. No, no, no.

9. Dude, that pizza is not going to be fresh after you bury it.

10. When you don't have a crafty bone in your body, but you do have excellent improvisational skills.

11. She doesn't realize how right she is.

12. Somebody didn't think ahead.

13. Most casual snowman I've ever seen.

14. Well, here's something you don't see every day.

15. When your name causes confusion.

16. Thanks, internet.

17. Reality.

18. A bet's a bet!

19. "You are reading this because you forgot your smartphone when you went to the toilet, didn't you."

20. If I had a dime for every time I've done this...

21. Now even buses are body shaming.

22. Because half of my brain is faulty.

23. I just picture elves harvesting them and taking them back to their colony like the evil thieves they are.

24. Just three cats hanging out.

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Tuesday, May 30, 2017

24 People Winning ... And Losing At Facebook

24 People Winning ... And Losing At Facebook

Facebook is a wonderful thing. It allows us to stay in touch with our friends and see what they're up to... or notice the silly mistakes they're making on their pages. Facebook is also a place where some people choose to put their dumber selves on display. People feel it is necessary to talk about their feelings, their relationships or the millions of opinions they have on everything. Don't get me wrong, say what you want to say, but don't be surprised when some of the people you are friends with on Facebook have something to say about it. We can only hope that those same people will be as open to what you may have to say in return. These 17 people learned how quickly posting things on the internet can go downhill. Enjoy these, and maybe let them serve as a cautionary tale. 

1. Giorgio handing out a little sass on his Facebook page. 

What else could that person have expected as a response? Of course it was aliens. 

2. Dating mistakes. 

This is why it's a gamble to keep an ex on Facebook. Always criticizing your fashion choices... 

3. Freshman questions. 

I hope this person doesn't end up with a professor who tells them there is no such thing as a dumb question. 

4. The duckface. 

Someone had to tell her. To be fair, sometimes our own shortcomings are the hardest to see. 

5. Getting hit on at a bar. 

Gotta love the friends who remind you how good your game is. 

6. This gorgeous grandma. 

How did they think they'd get away with this? Who doesn't love that movie?

7. English vs. human rights. 

At least this person has someone to teach them a little bit about both. 

8. The meaning of life. 

I didn't know The Dude had Facebook. He makes a valid point, though. 

9. Going for a run. 

Usually I would maintain that no one cares about your workout, but this guy knows how to prioritize. Can't hide anything from your friends! 

10. This aspiring rapper. 

His friends are very supportive. Good publicity! 

11. Thinking of life. 

This guy gets it. 

12. Photoshop help? 

This could only have been a sibling or a best friend. 

13. Reading level. 

He should be nicer, that guy could be a pro athlete someday... apparently. 

14. History lessons. 

School isn't for all of us.

15. Romeo and Juliet. 

We only pay attention to what we want to hear. 

16. Haters gonna hate. 

Gotta love having your family on Facebook. 

17. I wish I could read the comments on this one.

18. I can't tell if this person is a genius or a total idiot. 

19. Haha Kim! 

20. I think he just proved her point. 

21. I know this struggle. 

22. I thought I was going to have a stroke reading this. 

23. Actually, though. 

24. He's got you there!