Friday, May 5, 2017

13 People Confide Their Most Messed Up Secrets

Everyone has a secret or two, but some are so juicy, twisted, or dirty that we can't help but take a guilty pleasure in hearing about them! From secret vasectomies to Christmas party rendezvous, the next 13 people have some pretty messed up secrets that they have they've promised never to tell until now!

1. Doesn't sound like a bad deal...

2. Some people's worst fear, other people's freakish fetish

3. I wonder how long it took her to fill in the blanks?

Now let's move on from secret vasectomies to secret pregnancies...

4. Put a glove on it if you don't want to put a ring on it

5. That's one hell of a long time to wait to plan a wedding

6. I don't envy mothers with sons 

7. Hots for teacher

How much would should you reveal about your past to the person you marry?

8. That's pretty dark, but the cover story is kind of funny

9. Ummm, so who's the father? 

10. Traveling business woman, traveling working girl, potato, potaaato 

So scandalous 

It's weird when grandparents tell you stuff they'd never tell your parents...

11. So, do you ever tell your dad?

12. It doesn't get more selfless than that

13. When the men are away, the wives will play!

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