Monday, May 22, 2017

13 Things That Happen When The Kids Are Left With Dad

Is there a universal rule out there that dads have to mess with mom when they have the kids to themselves? Seems that whenever the opportunity arises, dads will curb their boredom by dressing their kids like little adults, balancing things on the baby's head, or just sending a questionable staged photo to mom to get her riled up.

Here's a collection of dads trying to be the fun parent, all while leaving mom with a headache and a depleted sense of trust in her man.

1. In theory, should be a fun bonding experience with his daughter.

In practice, mistakes were made.

2. The cutest self-defense training.

She's putting up a good fight! Watch till the end for your daily dose of adorable.

3. Baby take the wheel.

Mom is definitely not amused, but she will be when she sees the infant's lap times.

4. The official uniform for dads in warm weather, complete with fanny pack.

Pops takes you out for lunch, leaves you to hit on the waitress. Real classy.

5. This baby knows exactly what he's getting into with dad.

"Mom, please, not this guy again!"

6. Dad watched Boss Baby and got some ideas.

Had to take the baby to work and didn't want him to look out of place. He got hired into H.R. on the spot.

7. Little girl grilling with daddy.

How to lose your wife and half of your belongings in one photo.

8. Quality time with dad in 2017.

To be fair Dad, you're looking at your phone taking a selfie right now. They're none the wiser.

9. Pontiff Poopy Pants. 

The lengths daddy goes to in order to entertain himself is ridiculous.

10. When both dad and daughter give up at the same time.

Too big for a stroller, just the right size for a carry-on.

11. He's got the whole world on his face.

This is not the way to force your son into a career in geography.

12. Mom asks if dad got the car seat installed and sends this pic.

Nothing says safety like being held down with bungee cords.

13. If we've learned anything today it's to not let dad dress the baby.

I think he's just trying to get the baby in with the whole romper sensation.

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