Thursday, May 25, 2017

15 Alternative Uses For Ice Cube Trays

I'm not big on ice in my drinks — I even going so far as to ask for no ice when eating out for dinner. Yet somehow I've managed to collect multiple sets of ice cube trays. They sit in a box in the basement, only remembered when someone asks for ice and I have to admit that I don't have any in the freezer. 

That problem is unlikely to change anytime soon, but I certainly could be putting those trays to use in other handy ways!

1. Make a paint palette.

This is a perfect solution for parents who want to encourage their kids' creativity, but don't trust them with a full squeeze bottle. 

2. Keep small bits and bobs organized.

Stop losing those earring backs or spare buttons at the bottom of your drawers. 

3. Mold sugar scrubs into perfect portions.

Always use just the right amount. They look great when packed as gifts, too — and you can even use trays with fun shapes to make them cuter.

4. Add a pop of berry to your water.

This is an ice cube I can get behind.

5. Give your pooch a pupcicle.

Just freeze treats in the trays. You can use water, but Fido would probably also love a meaty broth.

6. Start your garden early.

Ice cube trays are the perfect size to start your seeds growing in while you wait for that first sign of spring. Drill holes in the bottom for drainage.

7. DIY your own dishwasher tabs.

Don't pay for that overpriced, candy-colored store brand any longer. If your machine uses hard water, pour a half cup of white vinegar in the bottom of the machine to avoid cloudy glassware.

8. Don't waste those crayon stubs.

You can melt them down into rainbow crayons!

9. Sooth your sunburns.

Freeze cubes of aloe vera to easily rub onto the worst of your sunburns all summer.

10. Freeze fresh herbs in oil for easy flavor bombs.

These can be added to any sauce or stew you can think off. 

11. Stop wasting buttermilk.

This also goes for other recipe staples that you only ever need a little bit of but can only be purchased in bulk (looking at you, tomato paste!). Freeze the rest of it in pre-portioned amounts for whenever you have a recipe in need. 

12. Make your own peanut butter cups.

Really, you can use the trays as a mold for all sorts of bite-sized treats! 

13. Pre-portion your frozen cookie dough.

Not only will they freeze and defrost faster in smaller portions, but you'll be able to bake only what the situation calls for. Pro tip: you can bake 2-3 cookies at a time in a toaster oven —perfect for sneaking a treat when the kids aren't home.

14. Mold your own candles.

This is another one where you can get creative with the tray shapes. 

15. Freshen your garbage disposal.

While convenient, a garbage disposal can become a stinky mess really quickly. Freeze slices of lemon in white vinegar and pop a couple down the chute every week or so to keep things fresh.

Did I miss any handy tricks you use at home?

Tell us all about it in the COMMENTS!


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