Saturday, May 27, 2017

15 Smart Solutions To Hide The Ugly Areas Around Your Home

There are certain necessities in our homes that we have to have, but aren't the most attractive of objects. I'm talking about those switches and meters and other useful items that are hard to do without. Luckily, many of them are easy to hide with a bit of imagination and some DIY savvy!

1. Hide that garbage bin.

There are a lot of projects on the 'net for custom garbage cabinets and such — and those are great — but I like the simplicity of this alternative. This homeowner found a gorgeous antique baking powder bin and simply put her garbage inside. The closest thing to 'customization' with this is making sure you have a bin that fits. 

2. Decorate carefully to mask cords.

For a simple, no effort solution to television cords, see what decorative items you may have that they can hide behind. Sometimes it's as simple as a stack of books on the credenza. 

3. What about mantle-mounted TVs?

This TV mounted above the fireplace has nowhere to stack books, but the designer was still able to hide those cables. Inexpensive shelves are often hollow inside. By selecting one that looked like moulding, she was able to string the cords along the inside, preventing them from ruining the look of the clean, white brick.

Of course, we have more than just TV cables to worry about these days. What about your modem and router? 

4. Get the cords off the floor!

True story: the other day I accidentally kicked the cord under my desk and unplugged my entire work computer. The loss of my unsaved work could have been prevented by a trick like this. A small shelf beneath the desk provides a home for the power bars and router, allowing the cords to be tied up away from the floor. Looks tidy, and they're away from your feet. 

5. Camouflage your router.

Sometimes you're stuck keeping your router out in the open. It's the price of a good signal. You can hide it in your decor, though, like this project that uses the cover of an old book, with only the antenna sticking out from behind. When doing a project like this, you need to ensure that you do not block your equipment's air vents or it may overheat. 

6. All together now!

This cute piece of wall art disguises a cupboard that keeps all those network devices together. Again, you'll want to make sure there's ventilation, which could be as simple as drilling some small air holes hidden along the sides. 

Keep going for some more clever ways to hide things in your home!

7. Cover wire shelves.

Wire shelves are inexpensive but don't look very nice. If you don't have the option of replacing them, you can make a simple cover out of plywood. As an added bonus, skinny items will stop falling between the rungs. 

8. Hide your garage door opener.

This cute trick could also work for a thermostat or an alarm box. An old frame, some hinges, and an antique knob make a lovely little cover that's still easy to open when you need to access the device. 

9. Or cover with a canvas print.

Many canvas prints are deep enough to cover a thermostat without needing to build out from the wall, and they're lightweight. For this one, the hinges aren't even screwed into the wall. Heavy-duty velcro is enough to hold everything in place. 

But what about your furry friends? I have their ugly necessities covered, too!

10. Give your kitty a private spot for her business.

In small homes or apartments, there isn't always an out-of-the-way place to hide the litter box. This trick of using a Lack side table from IKEA and some curtains is a great option, and the rope gives kitty a place to clean his paws. 

11. Cover your dog's crate.

If your dog is crate-trained, then you have one of these cluttering up a corner somewhere. You can use the steps in this sewing project to make a cover to it in any fabric you'd like. Fido may even like the privacy, but if not, you can always remove the cover when the pup is in residence. 

12. Be cool without sacrificing style.

I don't think anyone in a hot and humid climate would willingly choose to go without their air conditioner just for the sake of style. But with some ingenuity and basic DIY skills, you can make a decorative cover like this one in order to get the best of both worlds!

We have one more stop on this tour: the great outdoors!

13. Hide the septic vent with a birdbath.

Septic venting pipes are a very important safety feature, but they are unsightly. This birdbath makes a great option for retaining the safety without having to look at it.

14. Or, you know, cover it with a fake rock.

The cover pictured is available for purchase, but it would be pretty simple to DIY one yourself. Off the top of my head, I'm thinking that a plastic bin warped with a hair dryer or other heat source, plus some of the stone-textured spray paint would work well. I'm sure there are other ways, too! Just make sure there are lots of holes to allow for airflow.

15. Keep the utility boxes out of sight.

This reuse of old metal shutters as a privacy partition is a great way to hide your electric and water meters without preventing the electricians from easily accessing them when required. 

What's the ugly (but important) item in your home that you want to hide? Get help finding a solution in the comments!


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