Monday, May 15, 2017

15 Texts So Wrong They Might Just Be Right

We've all gotten those wrong number texts, and most of us probably reply with the standard "sry wrong number" response. But the next people got a little more creative and managed to make their situations a lot more awkward and totally hilarious! Enjoy! 

1. A timeless pic 

2. Don't ask questions

3. Soulmates 

4. Not an unwarranted response 

The next text is very... unique...

5. An excellent question 

6. Just looking for a fight 

7. Hey good lookin'

If you think that's awkward, imagine facetiming with the wrong number...

8. Just wanted to hear some music...

9. What a bargain 

10. Everything about this is beautiful 

What happens when bae isn't bae?

11. Maybe it's fate telling you that you're meant for each other 

12. That's not a cat, it's a rat 

13. Fair enough... you should probably stop texting her now

What happens when someone just wont believe they have the wrong number? 

14. Scarred for life. 

15. Some wrong numbers work out surprisingly well...

That's a good way to make new friends



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