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16 Owl Photos That Capture Their Natural Majesty

As one of the world's most expressive and mysterious birds, it's no surprise that owls have a lot of admirers. Their nocturnal and predatory nature makes them a little fearsome, but there's no denying how beautiful they are. All these qualities make the owl a common familiar for stories about witchcraft, particularly in the case of Harry Potter's faithful companion, Hedwig.

But unfortunately, they also make the owl notoriously hard to photograph. Their preference for bad lighting conditions and their skittish nature can be a nightmare when you're trying to get a shot of them. But their allure makes bird photographers eager to give it a try all the same.

And after a while, an experienced shutterbug can feel them out and get some truly breathtaking photos. And among of those skilled few is Thai photographer Sompob Sasi-Smit. While his body of work is hardly limited to owl photographs, he's been picking up a lot of recent acclaim for his skill at capturing these fleeting birds.

And these 16 fantastic photos should give you an idea of why he's so admired.

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1. This feathered friend seems to be showing off its breed's famous flexibility.

Their eyes can't rotate, so when owls want to see something they have to do this.

2. Usually, your big chance when shooting owls is to catch them in their burrow.

Looks like not everyone in this family has totally woken up yet.

3. It looks like Sompob interrupted this pair during a private moment.

Or maybe I'm reading too much into their expressions.

4. It's fairly common to catch an owl winking when you do a get a shot of one.

It's usually a byproduct of yawning, which tells you when your best chance of getting a picture is.

5. Now this is just adorable.

Sompob got a pretty lucky shot of this nice, affectionate pair.

6. This is the only time this owl species pops up in Sompob's photos.

He said he finds most of them in the jungle, so this must have been a rare find for him.

7. These photos are a great reminder of how many owls we have in this world.

And all of them are fascinating in their own way.

8. Looks like this barn owl's about to have dinner.

Sompob said he waits a long time for them to get in the right position. He timed this one perfectly.

9. Here's another one sitting comfortably.

Though it probably won't be for long now that it's seen Sompob.

10. These owls probably aren't happy to see us.

Some species can change their faces to look more menacing and the one on the left seems to be in the middle of doing that.

11. Looks like Sompob got the drop on another sleeping family.

And one of them apparently doesn't think he's worth waking up for.

12. I can't imagine this picture was easy to get.

It's hard snapping an owl at the best of times, let alone getting in so close.

13. There's a really great hue to this one.

What would otherwise just be a picture of an owl becomes a nice, relaxing scene.

14. There really is something cute about an annoyed owl.

Though that's probably truer when it's not right there with you.

15. It seems like this is not a morning owl.

That's probably why Sompob was able to get such a great shot.

16. And we end off with this cozy pair.

Looks like they've made a nice home for themselves here.

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Main image via Facebook / Nature Galleries | Sompob Sasi-Smit

Collage image via Facebook / Nature Galleries | Sompob Sasi-Smit


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