Saturday, May 20, 2017

16 Pretty Polishes To Rock This Winter

I often find it difficult to choose polish colors during the winter months. When the weather makes everything outside appear gray and lifeless, sometimes I get sucked into choosing matching manicure looks. But it doesn't have to be this way! Do away with drab, strictly neutral colors this winter in favor of more vibrant, unique, and edgier ones. I'm currently sporting the polish shown in #5, and I know I will be rocking it and #12 allwinter long. So if you're ready to incorporate some fun new colors into your look, keep scrolling for a list of 16 pretty polishes worth adding to your collection this winter. 

1. Silver Glitter 

This icicle-inspired polish is basically winter wrapped up into a nail color. So glam! 

2. Sapphire Blue 

A sparkling, sapphire blue polish is a must for this winter. This color would be perfect for a holiday party look! 

3. Baby Pink

Baby pink is such a soft, feminine polish color. This neutral shade goes with pretty much every outfit too! 

4. Dark Green

Sporting a deep green polish is an excellent way to add some edginess to your winter look! I adore this mysterious shade. 

5. Rose Gold Chrome 

I'm currently sporting rose gold chrome nails and I have no plans on stopping this winter. This is a perfect polish choice for a night on the town. 

6. Blood Red

You can't get through winter without a classic, blood red polish. This dramatic color is oh so sultry. 

7. Silver 

I love silver everything, so silver nails are no exception. If you're a silver ring-wearer like myself, you basically need this polish color in your life. 

8. Burgundy 

Burgundy polish is a fall and winter beauty necessity. There's just something so classy about a burgundy manicure.

9. Gold Glitter

Glittering gold nails are perfect for Christmas, New Year's Eve, and basically any other day this winter. I'm obsessed. 

10. Dove Gray

Dove gray polish is a neutral, totally wintery polish to stock up on this season. This minimalist manicure look is so on point. 

11. Multicolor Glitter 

Shake off those winter blues with a fun, multicolor glitter polish. This burgundy-based color is so cheery and party ready! 

12. Baby Blue 

I've always sported baby blue polish during the summer months, but baby blue nails are the perfect icy polish for the winter season as well! 

13. Dark Teal

This is one polish color that I currently don't own and I'm really confused as to why. I know what I'm buying after work...

14. Gold Chrome

Gold chrome nails are basically amazing in every way. This shiny, dramatic polish is beggingto be worn this winter. 

15. Indigo

This bright indigo polish is so unique! I love how it seems to be a perfect mix between blue and purple. 

16. Chocolate Brown 

Winter is all about hot chocolate, chocolate cake, chocolate chip cookies...I could go on forever. This chocolate brown polish is inspired by this season's yummy treats! 


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