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16 Things That Are Surprising About Bradley Cooper

Bradley Cooper is one of the most sought-after actors in Hollywood! He's had so many box office successes with Wedding Crashers, Limitless and The Hangovertrilogy. He's also become a fan among critics because of his collaborations with David O. Russell for Silver Linings Playbookand American Hustle. It looks like there's just no stopping him and his career! It also doesn't hurt that he was voted as People's Sexiest Man Alive – which he totally deserved! So here are some things you definitely need to know about Bradley!

1. Bradley's television debut was on Sex and the City. And his feature film debut was in Wedding Crashers

Whoa! Not bad for an actor just starting out! 

2. Bradley can speak fluent French after spending a semester abroad. 

He's already attractive but now he speaks another language? *fans self*

3. Bradley has been nominated for an Oscar three times! But he admitted that he doesn't care about winning. He said that after his father passed away he realizes that there are more important things in life. 

"It would change nothing. Nothing. The things in my life that aren't fulfilled would not be fulfilled."

4. He auditioned for Green Lantern but ultimately lost the role to Ryan Reynolds. Bradley said he probably lost it because he couldn't stop imitating Christian Bale as Batman during the audition! 

It ended up working out because Bradley ended up in a superhero movie as Rocket in Guardians of the Galaxy!

5. He said he would never date Jennifer Lawrence because of their significant age difference. But he actually revealed later in an interview with Howard Stern that it was just something he said to get the media off his back!

*GASP* Could we see BCoop and JLaw become an item?!

6. Bradley quit drinking when he was 29 years old because one time he got so wasted that he smashed his head on a concrete floor just to prove that he was "tough."

7. Bradley admitted that he went commando at the White House for the state dinner. The tuxedo was too tight and he was worried it would rip so he decided to 86 the underwear. 

8. Bradley said that when he is dating someone, he is 100% committed. "When I'm into a woman, I literally can't stop staring. I become completely entranced." 


9. Bradley was probably the best part of Alias! Remember how good that show was? Well, he asked J.J. Abrams to write him off the show because he thought he was going to get fired eventually. 

10. Bradley said he prided himself on being able to take whatever was in his fridge and turn it into lasagna. 

Isn't that all of us in college? 

11. James Lipton, the host of Inside the Actor's Studio, knew that Bradley would be a star. James saw Bradley's audition for the program and was even there for his thesis performance. 

Bradley's mom asked James what he thought and he said, "He's going to go all the way. I never predicted that for any other student." 

12. Not only is he obsessed with movies but he loves sports. He plays football, golf and was even on his school's rowing team in university! 

Ah, so a six pack does have to come from somewhere. Like, exercise...

13. He said that his hardest role was definitely Phil in The Hangover. He said he put everything into that character because Phil is so different from him.

 "I'm always amazed by it. When I look at that character on screen, I don't see me at all."

14. He gained 37 lbs when he got the role of Navy SEAL Chris Kyle in American Sniper. How did he do it? Oh, you know, by working out for hours every day and consuming 6,000 calories a day. 

15. When he was asked which co-star was the best kisser, the interviewer expected Bradley to answer with Jennifer Lawrence. Except Bradley answered with Michael Ian Black, his co-star in Wet Hot American Summer!

16. Bradley is constantly working. He even calls himself a workaholic. But it all works out because his net worth is $60 million. WHOA.

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