Monday, May 22, 2017

16 Times The Right Tools Were Found For The Right Job

By no means do I consider myself a handyman, but I know what it takes to get a job done. First, you gotta assess the situation. What is it you're looking to fix/accomplish/destroy? How important is it that the job is done safely/correctly? Who do you know that you can borrow tools from? 

After you've spent too long pondering these useless questions, it's time to improvise! That's right, because at the end of the day, what tool is needed should just pop in your head naturally. So if you need some examples of premium equipment used in all aspects of life, read on and enjoy!

1. A broom to hold your kettle? Oh yes. Hey, life? Consider yourself hacked!

2. A tool I think we all need at work

Can't be stressed if you're unconscious! Cause when you're unconscious there are no bad thoughts, only dream-time.

3. Cat not fitting in your car properly? Make sure you equip your car with this necessary add-on!  

4. Aspiring to be the most hype new DJ on the scene? Better invest in quality gear.

5. There's no job duct tape can't handle! And yes, that includes airplane engines...I guess.

6. Cold makes cold, right? Don't know how else to fix a fridge, really...

Side note: If you're outta duct tape, bungee cords should do the trick. 

7. This tool will help make plunger time, fun-ger time!

Fun-ger time? Looks like I'm the tool at my job today...

8. Here's a piece of fishing gear you'll never want to let go!

Perfect for ice fishing. Just don't lick your own tackle box, your tongue might get stuck there.

9. If you're gearing up for a specific kind of apocalypse, you'll need the specific kind of utilities

In this case, it's the rainbow gun!

10. Always be prepared for any emergency!

11. You know, sometimes a little extra military spending isn't a bad thing...

12. Having trouble with bats entering your home? Time to suit up with the right equipment!

13. A real man knows how to work a grill...

14. Serving up a slice of brilliance 

If you attempt this at home, make sure to use a Westcott ruler and Campbell's soup can lid! Accept no substitutes, safety first!

15. Ninety percent of art is within the instrument itself. To make the newest, freshest sounds, think outside the box! 

16. But if you know what you're doing, this will be the only tool you really need:


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