Tuesday, May 16, 2017

17 Things That Could Only Happen On Social Media

Social media isn't that new, but it's still a relatively recent innovation. Just fifteen years ago, no one even knew what a hashtag was. Nowadays, many of us do the bulk of our communication over social media. But if you take a step back, you realize just how weird it all is.

1. Math is hard.

2. Justice.

3. Sure thing, Jaden.

4. This is how you remind me to delete you as a friend.

5. Values.

6. Who do you think you are, Jaden Smith?

7. The Tool Man made you look like a fool, man.

8. Dwayne gets it.

9. For a post about the sun, that sure got dark.

10. I have no words.

11. Facebook: it's cheaper than therapy.

12. It's definitely wrong.

13. It's just one name, like Cher.

14. Don't take it out on Safeway.

15. At least she's not drinking while pregnant.

16. Social media walls invade house walls.

17. He fought the law.


Author: verified_user