Sunday, May 14, 2017

19 Mind-Bending Images That Will Break Your Brain

Our brain is an incredibly complex piece of machinery. While we go through our daily lives, our brain is working overtime to make sense of the world around us. Using the right kind of tricks though, the brain can be confused into seeing things that aren't real. Let's just say that seeing shouldn't be believing.

I dare you to check out these 19 mind-bending images that will completely break your brain.

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1. An inevitable accident turns into a trick of perspective.

2. Just move your eyes and watch those almonds dance! This image is NOT actually moving.

For other illusions where moving your eyes creates motion, go to #8 and #9!

3. Can you explain this one?

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4. Water reflections can really play games with your mind.

5. Cross your eyes and you may be able to see what is hidden!

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6. Tile A and B are the same color! The checker shadow illusion is probably one of the most difficult to believe. 

7. All three cars are the same size in this image!

Here, if you don't believe me....

8. This one is pretty emo. A heart that grows bigger and darker if you move your eyes across it.

9. Hypnotizing circles that move faster the more you move your eyes.

10. Check out each of these mirror images of animals faces carefully...

The last one freaked me out.

11. How did the artist do it??

12. If you move your eyes across this gray image, the middle of it will wiggle.

13. No matter what angle you look at this dinosaur from, it is looking at you!

You can see the illusion breaks when you get behind the object. 

14. This incredible gif of a paint can.

15. A woman on a magic carpet ride.

A carefully placed shadow can play tricks on the mind. #19 also uses a shadow to confuse you.

16. Sitting at a scary height, or is he?

17. You may think that the last leg has something wrong with it, but check out the others.


18. A pretty trippy one for you.

19. Doin' some hoverin'.

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Main image via Erik Johansson

Collage image via Imgur / bojo2015


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