Sunday, May 28, 2017

19 Reasons Why Dogs Rule And Cats Drool

Cat lovers of the internet, forgive me. 

Dogs are--and always will be--better than cats. They aren't called human's best friends for nothing. Throughout history, dogs have proved how awesome they are. From helpinghumans fight battles to loyally waiting at grave sites, dogs are amazing human companions.

Here are 20 reasons why dogs are better than cats.

Full disclosure: I always really love cats. 

1. They are happy to accompany us on all of our family trips...

even when water is involved.

2. They adore being tucked in...

and staying cozy with you all night long.

3. They'll run as fast as they possible can to greet you...

and look totally hilarious (and terrifying) while doing it.

4. Some dogs have floppy, furry ears that do crazy things.

Like this:

5. While other dogs have ears that do a little of everything.

Like this: 

6. Dogs are always willing to lend a helping hand.

7. They make awesome babysitters...

8. They cuddle in groups...

9. They are always willing to help us when we need to work late...

or cruise the internet. They don't even care what kind of computer you have.

10. They protect the "Dry-Clean Only" pile...

even in their deepest of sleeps.

11. They are lovers, not scratchers.

Look at these cuties sneaking in a mid-day hug. #Besties

12. They make the best out of everything...

even winter. Look at how cute this dog is with fresh snow on its nose.

13. They give high-fives...

on command too!

14. They are total sucky-babies.

Watch the video until the very end to see for yourself.

15. They give the best foot massages...

with their tongues.

16. They dutifully guard our homes...

and look adorable doing it.

17. They cuddle stuffed toys.

This pooch cuddles a stuffed purple monkey. My doggie (featured in #18) cuddles a stuffed hedgehog, pumpkin, and 16-squeaker "snakey." Did I mention dogs are awesome?

18. Dogs are the best therapists around.

They are even called upon to help soldiers dealing with PTSD.

19. They are always there to listen...

and they never judge.


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