Friday, May 5, 2017

19 Ridiculous Knock-Off Costumes

Who are the real villains at Halloween? The ghouls and goblins? Or those who go out of their way to infringe on copyrights selling cheap knock-off costumes of our favorite heroes and villains?

No recognizable character seems to be immune from rip-off artists. There must be some money in it – all you need is some fabric and maybe some molded plastic, a label and a shelf to put it on. But that doesn't make these attempts to bootleg popular characters any less ridiculous.

1. "Minegame"

If there was any doubt that Minecraft was a huge hit, a knock-off costume trying to capitalize on its success proves it.

2. "Video Game Guy"

Which conveniently comes in red or green. Hmmm....

3. "Where's the Stripey Dude?"

Maybe hiding from shame?

4. "Cyber Man or Padre"

Nice to see a knock-off that's proud of its versatility.

Wait until you see the Harry Potter knock-offs. They're not even 9 3/4 good...

5. "Lady Bug Princess"

Love how the robe still has the "HP" on it, but the name doesn't connect in any remote way.

6. "Mystery Magician Boy"

The mystery is how this could fool anybody.

7. "Potter's Teacher Wizard"

Sure, if Potter was taught by Gandalf. 

8. "Notionless"

The '90s are in, but having a clue apparently isn't. 

9. "Juice Demon"

Makes you wonder if Robin Thicke ever wore this costume.

10. "Silver Screen Sinsation"

Maybe don't get too close to any dip when you're wearing this.

11. "Dragon Queen" 

They sure did their homework while knocking this one off. 

12. Purple Rock Star

Could only be more timely if he was a zombie. 

13. "Comb Over Candidate"

Hey, nobody said these things had to be flattering.

14. "Out of Space"

So close.

15. "Misfit Sidekick"

Given the killer clown fad, this is probably the best knock-off of Harley Quinn we could have hoped for.

16. "Lethal Beauty"

There's something fitting about Poison Ivy being recycled like this.

17. "Kansas Beauty"

The Lollipop Guild will not be amused. 

18. "Bad Apple Cutie"

Really? They focused on the poisoned apple?

19. "Evil Madame"

Yes, I would still hide my Dalmatians from her. 


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