Friday, May 5, 2017

20 People Who Just Want This To Be Over

Have you ever been in a situation that you just can't wait to get out of? During those scenarios, time seems to slow down and you feel like you could potentially be trapped there forever. Well, these people can totally relate. Check out these photos of folks who can't wait to get out.

1. Oh my gosh. This is the absolute cutest way to be over a situation ever. This poor little bunny can't wait to get out of that swing and hop away.

2. I wonder what hurts more, her back or her pride. Either way, she clearly can't wait to get out of here and avoid the humiliation she's receiving from her family.

3. This guy's got a bad case of the Mondays. When he started painting, he clearly didn't think his exit strategy through very clearly. Now he's gotta wait for it to dry.

4. This woman is so over using public transportation after this. I wonder if this is a special occasion, or if the lady on the left just dresses her dog up like that every single day.

5. I think this is the first time that I've ever seen a relationship crumble in a gif. Based on the look on her face, it's clear she can't wait to get away from this guy.

6. Can you imagine being stuck behind this person in line as they read off each number for twenty minutes? And I mean come on, who doesn't like lasers? Lasers are awesome.

7. She did not sign up for this nonsense. I wonder if her coworkers forgot to tell her about the master plan or if she just flat out refused to participate.

8. I think this gym teacher had a rough night last night and isn't in the mood to put up with hyper little kids. If I was a teacher, I'd probably do the same.

9. This kid is going to be so mad when he finds out he's gotta do this for another 80 years or so. He didn't sign up for this, but now it's suddenly his problem? Unfair.

10. I would be very surprised if this didn't take place in Los Angeles. Good for him though. At his age, I probably would've hit somebody and then cried and acted like they started it.

11. The vacuum cord got stuck in the elevator, and now it looks like this dude is rethinking his entire life. Talk about having a day that really SUCKS. Sorry guys.

12. Someone should make a time-lapse video where they take a photo every day, starting at the first day of school, all the way through retirement. You'd be able to watch them get more and more worn down over time.

13. This guy clearly isn't having a fun time shoe shopping with his wife. Not only is he bored, but he also has to pay for hundreds of dollars of shoes at the end of it.

14. Not only did this guy make a mistake and spill mustard all over himself, but now he's got all of his coworkers gathered around taking pictures of him. Poor guy.

15. These guys are trying to work themselves out of a job. They'd rather stay inside the fire station playing cards. So for their sake, please stop lighting your kitchens on fire.

16. This is the sign of a defeated man. My favorite part of going to the mall is watching all the fathers and husbands on the benches waiting for their family to be finished shopping.

17. This little girl was trying to learn how to ride a bike, but has had enough of falling and getting scrapes. This is kind of how I feel when trying to be a responsible adult.

18. This poor kid was forced to go underwear shopping with his mom and sister. Don't worry little guy, in a few more years you won't mind being in that store.

19. I don't think anyone in the history of the world has ever been "over it" more than this kid is. He's completely given up on life and doesn't even care what happens next.

20. This is how I always felt in school when I realized that I had nine more months left before summer break. Or another three hours until lunchtime... Hang in there bud. Only ten more years left.


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