Saturday, May 13, 2017

20 Rick Grimes Dad Jokes That Are So Bad That They're Good

Dad jokes are funny enough on their own, but throwing them into one of the saddest scenes in The Walking Dead with Rick Grimes and "Coral" and you've got yourself a recipe for absolute hilarity. Even if you don't watch The Walking Dead, you're still bound to find yourself crippling in your seat, curled into a ball as tears stream down your face in laughter. 

The funny thing is, these jokes are so bad that they're good. You'll have those moments where you're laughing but you're thinking at the same time, "WHY THE HELL AM I FINDING THIS SO DAMN FUNNY?" Well, Coral, because it is (I don't know, one of you is bound to be named Carl). 

Warning:Warning: SOME spoiler alerts for those who haven't gotten caught up!

1. Barbie sex-ed.

2. I'm dyeing. 

3. They R.

4. Crabs are crabby. 

5. Fact.

6. One pizza, hold the cheese.

7. This one doubled up on the dad joke.

8. A nose cannot be anything but a nose.

9. Oh. My. LOL.


11. Rick trippin' has got me trippin'.

12. Coral's stuck.

13. Magic Rick.

14. Rick probably smokes a bit of the coral reefer.

15. 2:30

16. Cum on, Coral. As if you didn't see that cumming.

17. He shits you knot.

18. Mosey on over to the tea kettle.

19. It's syncing.

20. Kelp them out.


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