Saturday, May 20, 2017

22 Funny Little Differences Between Women And Men

So, the battle of the sexes wages on, does it? You know, it has for a while now. There's a ton of assumptions we all make about each other — usually, it's along the lines of "guys are simple, women are complex." And while I know a lot of us prove this from time to time, I'm sure there's another way we can phrase it. I'd say, men aren't simple, they're efficient — and women aren't complex, they're intricate! That works right? Well, whatever your take on the matter is, you can't deny these funny little differences between guys and gals...

1. Getting ready in the morning

2. And what we'll wear for the day, depending on the event of course...

3. When we know we'll see each other

4. And when we won't see each other...

5. When we're attracted to someone

6. And how to impress one another

7. When it comes to the art of seduction...

8. On the subject of haircuts

9. And of course, what products to use on the hair...

10. When we break our nails

11. When it comes to social media:

12. Or writing in a personal journal

13. And what our dream houses would look like...

14. We all know who the true ruler of the bed is

15. How we are with packing

16. And what we're like with the kids!

17. What it's like when you really gotta go!

18. And when we get to the bathroom...

19. Of course, how we organize our bathrooms in general...

20. How we see colors

21. Why we should all stay in school!

22. Basically, if our minds were machines, they'd look like this!


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