Thursday, May 11, 2017

23 Weird AF Pictures To Bring Out The Discomfort

The internet is packed with pictures meant to leave you unsettled. They're cringeworthy, hard to look at, and I hate them. However, most people seem to find them entertaining, so I'm left with no choice but to the give people what they want with this list of wtf photos. 

1. Those print-out Nikes, though

2. This must happen a lot, then

3. Not the BACON

4. What the... is that a horsey?

5. Morbid to say the least

6. Who likes this?

7. Fresh to death

8. What the hell, Subway?

9. Cargo shorts? Seriously?

10. Interesting

11. People who can do this freak me out

12. Just a couple dudes taking their dogs for a walk

13. Some good old road chili

14. That must have been one awful sandwich

15. This is one way of doing it

16. Meanwhile in Japan

17. Savage gift

18. When you see it

19. Sorry, but that's TLTR

20. I want to meet the person who thought this looked cool

21. There's simply too much to unpack here

22. Ah, yes, ghost cameras are a problem for me, too

23. There's being in love and then there's this


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