Thursday, May 4, 2017

24 People That Just Couldn't Resist The Urge

Perfect opportunities come along very rarely in life, so when they do, you obviously have to seize them.

Now, in the case of all of these people, we're not dealing with the perfect job or love at first sight. No, we're dealing with the funny little things: the puns, the pranks, and the outright savagery! 

1. The comparison basically made itself! 

Cute dog or cute kid? Take your pick. One of them might be a bit less work, though. Not gonna weigh in on which one it is.

2. Bonus points for a joke?

Extra super special bonus points for drawing the band logos. So much talent! If only talent was all that you needed to succeed in life...

3. C'mon, could you resist?  

Nothing like a tall drink of water to quench that thirst on a hot day. That, or a nice cup of tea. Either way, it's a great day for him to be enjoying the weather.

4. No one can resist a perfect opportunity for a dad joke.

And when I say "no one," I truly mean it. Even former presidents need to get their pun on once in a while.

5. The rules are made to be broken.

It's important to live your life despite the haters. Unfortunately, this couldn't be accomplished without sacrificing the ice cream to the dog. Hope it wasn't chocolate! 

6. How could you nottake a selfie, looking like that?

I'm sure that science has an explanation for this that doesn't involve eerily chipper alien invaders. Really, I'm sure of it.

7. Birthday pranks are basically Dad's second job.

Who needs a car when you can travel the information super-highway? Oh, god, I've become my father. It was bound to happen sooner or later...

8. I'm sure Grandma would laugh along with it.

But seriously, why does Twitter gotta be hating? 115 years means they're doing something right, and you might wanna listen to them.

9. The next Michelangelo. 

Who needs the Sistine Chapel? People are making art in the most unexpected places, like in the mall, in front of movie posters. Welcome to the 2000s, I guess.

10. It was a pun dying to be made. 

You wouldn't even have to change Ron Weasley's name for this adaptation. I wonder how we'll adapt The Chamber of Secrets? Hehe.

11. It's a social experiment...

What does it mean to the artist? Maybe it's about how society will fall for anything? I guess anything canbe art. Doesn't mean everything should be art...?

12. When the mess is this perfect, you've got to take advantage. 

The girlfriend's reaction was probably just this: "More wine for me." Maybe she panicked for a second, but that's what the wine is for.

13. Dad can never resist a pun.

I swear, I recently heard this joke in a Werther's Original commercial. Although I guess that means that the joke itself wasn't too original, was it? Ba-dum-tsssss.

14. Who could possibly resist a goat?!

I've goat to hand it to them: they look so happy. Not even kidding. Look at their faces. That is the dream right there.

15. He couldn't resist getting a little closer... but he should have. 

That's what you get for pointing and drawing attention to the noble bite-y log that is the alligator. Luckily, it looks like he got away with all of his appendages intact.

16. And no one can resist trolling a bad speller.

Well, you get what you ask for. You literally got exactly what you asked for. Consider getting a proofreader next time — they're, like, five bucks on Craigslist.

17. Most cat enthusiasts can't least it's not on the front.

If anyone makes fun of you for wearing this, just ask why they were looking there in the first place. 

18. How could you not with hair like that?

He flies from college campus to college campus, singing a song of socialism and deficit spending. There's more to him than those little tufts of hair!

19. When the cap fits, you go for it.

The best part is that it will feel like you're drinking a sports drink. Way to trick yourself into feeling good about your terrible, terrible choices!

20. Once you catch a whiff, there's no resisting McDonald's! 

This is such a wacky misunderstanding — I don't know about you, but I'm lovin' it. I'm also lovin' that the police reported so accurately.

21. The urge to do this one was stronger than the Force itself. 

I think visual puns are necessarily a dark-side-of-the-Force thing. The Jedi would never make you groan like that. 

22. There was only one caption suitable for this picture. 

Pam just looks so happy in this picture. Probably because she has this song stuck in her head all the time.

23. I think I'm going to start doing this one...

I don't think I can think of anything more terrifying than seeing a confusing flowchart with a giant red arrow pointing to "MORE SPREADSHEETS."

24. This one might take you a few seconds... Leek... bucket... clogged

Remember, kids, a pun isn't an error in spelling or pronunciation — it's an error in judgment. Fight the urge.


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