Tuesday, May 30, 2017

24 People Winning ... And Losing At Facebook

Facebook is a wonderful thing. It allows us to stay in touch with our friends and see what they're up to... or notice the silly mistakes they're making on their pages. Facebook is also a place where some people choose to put their dumber selves on display. People feel it is necessary to talk about their feelings, their relationships or the millions of opinions they have on everything. Don't get me wrong, say what you want to say, but don't be surprised when some of the people you are friends with on Facebook have something to say about it. We can only hope that those same people will be as open to what you may have to say in return. These 17 people learned how quickly posting things on the internet can go downhill. Enjoy these, and maybe let them serve as a cautionary tale. 

1. Giorgio handing out a little sass on his Facebook page. 

What else could that person have expected as a response? Of course it was aliens. 

2. Dating mistakes. 

This is why it's a gamble to keep an ex on Facebook. Always criticizing your fashion choices... 

3. Freshman questions. 

I hope this person doesn't end up with a professor who tells them there is no such thing as a dumb question. 

4. The duckface. 

Someone had to tell her. To be fair, sometimes our own shortcomings are the hardest to see. 

5. Getting hit on at a bar. 

Gotta love the friends who remind you how good your game is. 

6. This gorgeous grandma. 

How did they think they'd get away with this? Who doesn't love that movie?

7. English vs. human rights. 

At least this person has someone to teach them a little bit about both. 

8. The meaning of life. 

I didn't know The Dude had Facebook. He makes a valid point, though. 

9. Going for a run. 

Usually I would maintain that no one cares about your workout, but this guy knows how to prioritize. Can't hide anything from your friends! 

10. This aspiring rapper. 

His friends are very supportive. Good publicity! 

11. Thinking of life. 

This guy gets it. 

12. Photoshop help? 

This could only have been a sibling or a best friend. 

13. Reading level. 

He should be nicer, that guy could be a pro athlete someday... apparently. 

14. History lessons. 

School isn't for all of us.

15. Romeo and Juliet. 

We only pay attention to what we want to hear. 

16. Haters gonna hate. 

Gotta love having your family on Facebook. 

17. I wish I could read the comments on this one.

18. I can't tell if this person is a genius or a total idiot. 

19. Haha Kim! 

20. I think he just proved her point. 

21. I know this struggle. 

22. I thought I was going to have a stroke reading this. 

23. Actually, though. 

24. He's got you there! 


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