Friday, May 5, 2017

6 Savage Sons About To Get It From Their Moms

Why do moms make such easy targets?

I live to torment my mother, and my brother and I have just convinced ourselves that she secretly loves it. I mean, it's attention, right? Keeps her relevant. 

Why are we like this? 

Why does virtually every child mess around with their mom? 

I'll tell you why. 

Unconditional love. 

You could commit a bank robbery and your mom would hug you when you felt guilty about it. 

So there's no way you won't be forgiven for being a little twerp.

1. He set his mom's phone to write "HELL YES" every time she typed no.


2. Somebody's gonna get it.

 This poor woman's heart!

3. Griffin, Griffin, Griffin...

Why must you break your poor mother's heart?

4. "Tried to prank my mom, she just took a photo and went inside."

Not the reaction they were expecting...

5. He was given the task of making the Thanksgiving centerpiece.

6. At first I thought he was wearing a wig.

But at second glance, it seems his mom simply reproduced asexually.

Those sons of wonderful ladies! What's the worst prank you've pulled on your mama? SHARE your thoughts in the comments!


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