Monday, May 15, 2017

Abandoned Dog Refuses To Be Rescued Without His Bunny Best Friend

It's unfortunate to think of how many drivers drove past a little Jack Russell terrier abandoned on the side of a highway, but thanks to Ohio-based trucker Dan O'Grady, not only does that dog now have a home but so does a little bunny, too. 

After spotting the dog, O'Grady went out of his way to exit the freeway and return to the place he'd been. 

The dog refused to go with O'Grady, running and barking at him in a way that made O'Grady decide to follow him. A skinny domestic rabbit was huddled under a bush, and when O'Grady picked up the little guy, the dog was happy to go with him.

He named the dog Highway and the bunny Interstate, feeding them as best he could with sandwich meat and a rest stop salad. 

The nearest animal shelter in Jacksonville, FL was happy to take Highway, but couldn't take a bunny, so O'Grady contacted the Humane Society of Summit County and confirmed that they could take Interstate. 

Going above and beyond, O'Grady purchased supplies and a crate, driving Interstate all the way back up to Ohio with him. 

The shelter in Jacksonville quickly found a home for Highway, and after being treated for malnutrition, Interstate has also found a forever home. 

It's a shame that they couldn't stay together, but I'm happy they are both safe and healthy. 

It just goes to show that dogs and bunnies can be the best of friends!

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