Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Adam Sandler's Career Is Struggling

Back in the 90's, Adam Sandler was one of the kings of comedy. Between his time on SNL, his slew of comedy albums, and a line of infinitely quotable movies like Billy Madisonand Happy Gilmore, both of which were used to name his production company Happy Madison, he was on top of the game. But Sandler is no longer at the top of the comedy heap it would seem, as recent years haven't been as kind to his career.

Growing up, I remember watching many of Sandler's films and quoting them without end with my brothers.

My oldest brother was always the best at remembering the quotes.

A personal favorite was always the coach telling Bobby that water sucks and his ghostly heads singing it at him in Waterboy.

"Waaaater sucks! It really really sucks!"

But whatever happened to those glory days of Adam Sandler's movies being cultural landmarks, when it was hard to find someone who hadn'tseen them?

"You haven't seen Billy Madison? Don't worry, I've got it on VHS! We can watch it on my VCR!"

Well it seems an answer to that question has arisen. We now know just why it is that Adam Sandler has gone from mandatory viewing to something you should probably take a pass on.

I can't remember the last movie of his I went to see at this point. Wow, it might've been Click.

It turns out there really is more than one reason that Adam Sandler's regular way of doing things has stopped being a recipe for success.

The times have changed, and it seems the one time rebel is now part of the old guard.

One part of it is that Sandler relied pretty heavily on home video sales, but with the onset of services like Netflix, profits from home release have been going down by as much as 10% per year.

So his old business model is slowly getting axed.

That same service that has changed the game also offered a chance for Sandler to change with the times as he signed a 4 movie deal with Netflix. Well that started poorly with The Ridiculous 6 offending Native actors on set and garnering a 0% from Rotten Tomatoes.

And that deal continues to go poorly with The Do Over barely faring any better, with a 5% from Rotten Tomatoes.

But it isn't just Native American extras that Sandler's films have been offending lately. No, he also has a kind of antiquated view on women too, such as Rose McGowan, who revealed that women were told to show off cleavage and wear a push up bra to their auditions.

And believe me, that is just the tip of the iceberg for this. He still writes jokes about women like it's 20 years ago.

Another big problem for Sandler is that he absolutely refuses to do print interviews and hasn't since he saw some bad descriptions of him after Billy Madison came out. Yeah, that long ago.

He also barely uses social media, so he really does almost nothing to help his own image.

In fact, it seems he puts almost no effort into promoting his work, showing up to premieres in a t-shirt and shorts, or just looking completely uninterested.

I mean he seemed sointerested in promoting Pixels.

It's been a growing concern of studios just how much money he costs them, with flights that cost over $68,000 and him even admitting that since 50 First Dates, he has chosen his projects purely based on what location he can go to for a "paid vacation."

His studio offices apparently cost Sony upwards of $2 million a year.

He's made it entirely clear that he just wants to keep doing the same, lame movies over and over again with the same few guys he always does to basically get paid to hang out with them.

Because thathasn't gotten stale yet.

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