Tuesday, May 23, 2017

'The Amazing Race' Is The Fakest Reality Game Show

Did you know that The Amazing Race is one of the longest-running reality TV shows of all time?! Season 28 just finished airing! Every season makes me want to sign up immediately just to travel the world and hang out with a friend for a chance at a million dollars! Don't deny it – you've thought about it too! Of course, the reality sets in when you're watching the contestants compete and realize that you have to be extremely fit to even have a chance! The show makes everything look fun and easy. It's like you're watching a travel show and a scavenger hunt all at once! But that's just what they WANT you to think – don't believe everything you watch on TV because it's not all reality. Here are all the ways that The Amazing Race is actually fake! 

Who else just LOVES Friday nights when this show is on?! It's the perfect show to watch while drinking a glass of wine and being insanely jealous of where the contestants get to travel to! Oh, and of course, all while judging how the contestants are doing!

"What are you doing?! You're wasting time!" "STOP DOING THAT. JUST ASK SOMEONE FOR HELP!" "Well, that mistake just cost them first place."

Is it just me who also gets extremely excited and pumped to watch the episode when the theme song plays?!

I bet you're humming it right now.

And did you watch the latest season?! It was fun because they were all internet celebs! 

To be honest, I'm still gutted about the winners! I wanted the third place team to win! 

The Amazing Race seems like hard work and fun but not everything is as it seems! You'll be shocked to find out they fake a LOT of things! 

1. Contestants always talk about how they applied and auditioned for the show but that's not always true! Some contestants actually have lied about it. They're actually invited and offered a spot on the show! 

Some contestants are invited just because of their appearance! It's usually explained by saying, "You have the right look for TV." 

If they were invited, they still have to lie and make up a story about how they wanted to apply with their partner and how nervous they were about not getting in!

2. Remember the season where two strangers were set up to become partners?! Normally the teams would share a room and spend all their time together but not this season! 

The producers didn't force the blind date couples to stay together. They got their own separate rooms. 

That's good considering some of them were fighting with each other ALL THE TIME. Remember that season?! It was so stressful!

3. Teams are made up of two contestants? Nope! The contestants are actually never alone because they always have a camera operator and an audio person with them at all times! 

They go absolutely wherever the team goes. They have to go through the obstacles with them and sleep wherever the contestants sleep! We're talking about on the floor outside of a building, airports, etc. 

It's not just contestants who have to run around the world! 

4. Those exotic animals that the contestants have to hold? The extreme heights they have to climb to? Don't worry – the contestants are never really in danger! There are dozens of paramedics and medical teams on standby. 

5. Contestants aren't actually referred to as "contestants." They're considered volunteers since they don't get paid at all. 

Who cares if you don't get paid! You get to travel the world!

6. When you think of The Amazing Race, you think of people freaking out and running all over the place with their heavy backpack, right? Well, that's not actually true! Contestants are never actually just running all the time. 

They end up just waiting around most of the time. They rest more than they move! They wait for planes, trains, taxis, etc. One contestant said that they would just wait in airports for eight hours! 

7. It looks like teams are always chatting with each other during the show, right? Well, that's because they're not allowed to talk to each other unless the cameras are rolling! The producers would also tell them what to talk about and how to say things! 

8. The Pit Stops aren't real! Pit Stops are filmed at one location (usually a hotel) and then contestants don't actually get to rest there! Production gets moved afterwards to a location that's not as "TV pretty" for the contestants to rest. 

Contestants are moved by being herded into cramped vans. But the host, Phil Keoghan, gets to travel in style to the next leg's Pit Stop! 

COMMENTand tell us your favorite season or team! 

I LOVED Burnie Burns and Ashley Jenkins from season 28! They were just so supportive of each other!


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