Monday, May 15, 2017

Remember 'The NeverEnding Story'? Here Are 15 Things We Never Knew About The Movie

Can you believe that The NeverEnding Story came out over 30 years ago? It's a magical adventure movie that's become a full-on cult classic. Who else remembers watching it and being seriously scared at some parts? I can't believe it's supposed to be a movie for kids under 10!  Here's what I DO remember: having a major crush on Atreyu. Don't deny it, you did too! It's probably been a while since you've watched the movie, so now's the time to revisit the magical world of Fantasia with these facts about The NeverEnding Story.

1. The NeverEnding Story is based on a book by Michael Ende.

The movie ends about halfway through the book. 

2. Did you know that there are two sequels? 

The sequels don't actually follow any of the material presented in the original book.

3. Let's be real, Falkor was probably everyone's favorite character in the movie! And you can ride on Falkor's back in Bavaria Filmstadt in Munich. 

It's time to plan a trip to Germany!

4. Steven Spielberg owns the original Auryn prop, and it hangs in his office.

Steven helped the director edit the US version of the movie, so the director gifted Steven the Auryn.

5. Noah Hathaway played Atreyu, and he got seriously injured on set. 

He was thrown off a horse, almost drowned during the Swamp of Sadness scene, and nearly lost an eye in a fight scene. 

6. Apparently, in some versions of the movie, the Night Hob swears in the opening scene. 

In other versions, it's covered up by the sound of the Rockbiter's scooter.

What version did you guys watch? 

7. In the book, the name that Bastian screams into the night is "Moonchild." 

But nobody knows what Barret Oliver actually says.

I could never understand what he was screaming! 

8. Atreyu is green in the book, so the makeup team tried to paint Noah green. 

Obviously, it didn't make it into the movie because Noah said he looked like fungus. 

Fungus is not a look that anyone can pull off. 

9. All the scenes from Fantasia were shot in Munich, but the scenes set in the real world were shot in Vancouver.

It doesn't get more real than Canada.

10. The movie was shot in Germany during one of the warmest summers ever. It was so hot that one of the statues of the Ivory Tower actually melted.

11. So what exactly IS Falkor? A lot of people think he's some kind of dog, but he's not! He's a luck dragon.

12. Listen up! The NeverEnding Story book prop is out there. Someone on eBay claimed to have the original prop.

13. Supposedly, the director's favorite characters were Bastian and the Childlike Empress.

14. Even though the film is a cult classic, the author of the book was not impressed with the movie.

15. There are some major fans out there who managed to get their NeverEnding Story tattoos inked by Noah.

Who else wants to rewatch the movie now? COMMENT and tell us what your favorite scene from the movie is!


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