Monday, May 29, 2017

The Internet Came Up With A New Hack For Storing False Lashes, And We're Losing It

When it comes to brilliant beauty and makeup hacks, we're all for it.

The hottest trend that's currently taking over Twitter is so simple, and nobody can handle how clever it is.

Twitter user @daniellehaighx is proving to be one of the great innovators of 2017.

She recently tweeted out a genius way to store your false eyelashes without ruining them.

"False eyelashes always getting wrecked shoving them in ur bag?? Go treat urself to a kinder egg ur welcome ladies x," she wrote.

Honestly, it's so clever,and Twitter agrees (for the most part).

I'm honestly not sure why nobody thought of this sooner!

Sadly, Americans don't have access to Kinder Eggs.

They're actually banned because it's illegal to sell candy with non-food objects inside.

So they're a little upset about the hack, but the good news is that Kinder Eggs will officially be legal starting in January of 2018.

If you've never tried these delicious eggs, you're in for a treat!

Are you going to start storing your lashes like this?

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