Monday, May 29, 2017

This Chair Takes The Chunky Knit Trend Beyond The Next Level

We all love those giant knit blankets being shared around the Internet. You know, the ones where you can use your arms instead of knitting needles? They're super cool, super chic, and super comfy-looking. 

Well, designer Veega Tankun has upped the game by creating a new furniture collection that features giant stuffed knits as well as modern materials like rubber and bungee cords. It's a little bit IKEA and a little bit Etsy! The collection is referred to as "crafting comfort."

These knits don't seem so giant anymore.

The outer fabric is stuffed to create the giant "yarn."

The wooden frame seems simple at first, but the arms cleverly become part of the knots. Bright yellow bungee cords provide extra support underneath as well as a splash of modern color. 

I think I need to sit in it to have a proper opinion.

If the stuffed yarn is too rigid, I could see the chair being too bumpy to be comfortable, but at the same time, if it's squishy it could be an awesome lounging chair.

Another version uses a much looser knit and knotwork.

This one's cool too, but I think I like the first one better. 

The collection includes other pieces too.

Like these chic pendant lamps made with heavy-duty cord.

I'm not sure I like this chair, though.

Bungee-like cords can make for a comfortable seat — my family had lawn chairs like this growing up — but they can also pinch if they are too tight. I love the colors, though!

A closer look at the seat.

I might also be worried about the particular material used stretching out from use. Still love that yellow.


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