Wednesday, May 17, 2017

This Sleeping Baby Has No Clue That She Is The Queen Of Dress-Up

Being a mom is not easy. Especially being a mom to a baby! They are cute and all, but, boy, are they a lot of hard work. Isn't that why nap time for them is the best time? You can catch up on work, relax a little, and even enjoy your favorite hobby. But this awesome mom does something a little different! When her baby goes down for a nap, she dresses her up in many different costumes. Wigs and props included! Keep reading to check out these hilarious and cute costumes! 

Hello! My name is Inigo Montoya. 

I can't even with how hilarious this is! The little mustache is just adorable. 

This baby is the perfect excuse for busting out some vintage technology!

She's probably dreaming of a whole new world! 

She's in such a deep sleep. 

That's not a fork! 

That's a dinglehopper. 

The little details are just amazing! 

Her mom even dressed her up as Salt Bae! 

The little props are just way too cute. 

This is definitely baby goals! 


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