Tuesday, May 30, 2017

This Therapy Duck Brought Smiles To Stressed Out Law Students


All the young and future legal eagles at the University of Iowa's law school got a welcome guest lecturer recently in the form of Webster the therapy duck.

Considering how stressed out they must be from all the cramming and mock trials, Webster was an instant hit.

Okay, some of the students seemed a little more into Webster's visit than others, but hey, there's only so much duck to go around anyway.

The duck waddled right in and became a star.

By all accounts, Webster is a perfectly charming, personable duck, happy to meet new people, pose for photo ops, and maybe even settle into a stranger's lap.

Doubters should rest assured, Webster did his therapeutic duty. "Clearly you've never experienced the relief those limpid eyes and soft feathers can provide. Not to mention a soulful 'quack' now and again," one person tweeted.

Seriously, simply meeting this charming duck was a life-changing experience for some of these students.

Now, what do we have to do to get a therapy duck around here?


Author: verified_user