Sunday, May 28, 2017

Tinkerbell The Mastiff Was Rescued From A River And Reunited With Her Family

Have your tissues ready, because I have a twofer for you. This is the story of a mastiff named Tinkerbell — best name ever! — who was injured and lost, but thanks to her rescuers, she was reunited with her family in another state. 

It was summer when the L.A.-based rescue group, Hope For Paws, received a call to tell them that an injured dog was seen down in the canals of the L.A. River. They loaded up their van and headed out immediately. 

The rescuers found the dog huddled along the wall, and they climbed down to get her. They formed a human barrier to prevent her from escaping deeper into the canals, boxing her in with the ocean at her back. 

Once they had her on a leash, they comforted her, noting a tiny tail wag as she began to realize she was safe. 

As night fell, firefighters arrived, having been called in by some bystanders. They were able to help the team lower a crate to lift the dog up to safety. 

The crowd cheered as she was carefully moved to the van to be taken to the rescue. 

Once she was safe, veterinarians treated her broken leg and she was scanned for a microchip. She had one! A few calls later and they learned that their rescue was named Tinkerbell!

Besides having the best mastiff name ever, they also learned that she belonged to a family in Arizona and they quickly got in contact. 

Without hesitation, the family made the trip to reunite with Tinkerbell, who rescuers learned had run away during a family trip three weeks prior. During the July 4th fireworks, she had been spooked, jumping a fence and disappearing. 

There were tears all around as they arrived. They thought Tinkerbell was lost forever, but her story shows the importance of microchipping your pets. Without that, Tinkerbell would never have been able to go home. 

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h/t YouTube / Hope For Paws - Official Rescue Channel


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