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8 Helpful Hacks For Short People

8 Helpful Hacks For Short People

If you're short, you know that there are special difficulties you have to deal with in daily life. As a short guy myself, I secretly look for ways to boost the perception that I'm taller. There are a surprising number of tricks that you can play with your fashion or photography that dramatically changes how tall you look. You may be doubtful but after you read these you'll be a believer. 
Here are eight hacks to give a helping hand to the short people among us. 
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Let's face it: you know it if you're short. There are a whole host of issues you most likely have to deal with. 

Is it annoying to you to get lost in a group selfie or to muster up the courage to ask a stranger to get something off a high shelf? Well, we have your back...

1. One clever trick is to never take a picture of yourself vertically. Always go with a landscape shot!

In this day and age, someone's first impression of you is likely to be in the social media realm. Without a frame of reference that includes your feet, no one can judge your height.

2. Wearing booties can be a great way to put on a few inches while not being too drastic with your footwear. 

You don't need tall heels – just a little boost will do. 

They definitely get better, though...

3. Men and women on the short side can style their hair to increase their height by a few inches. 

Hair cuts that are short on the sides and long on the top can help you achieve this. 

4. When taking group pictures, get on your tip toes!

Be sure to lean back when tip toeing as slouching forward is a giveaway that you're on your toes. 

5. For women, one way to make your legs appear longer is to wear high-waisted pants. 

Hey, perception is everything.

These are pretty clever, right?

I would say the next few hacks are even better, though...

6. Body posture is huge when you are short. At least use the height you've been given!

Slouching or leaning back can instantly take off a few inches, if not more, from your height. 

7. Wear darker colors – they slim and lengthen. You don't have to go full black all the time, though. 

8. If you're going to wear striped shirts, always go with vertical stripes (up and down). 

This also increases the perception of extra height and even weight. 

There you have it, a bunch of tips to help the short ones among us!

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35 Snakes That Weren't Slippery Enough To Escape

35 Snakes That Weren't Slippery Enough To Escape

I've been on the receiving end of a cheating scandal and I have to say it's one of the worst feelings out there. I didn't even like the guy that much, but when he cheated, suddenly my whole world came crashing down. 

So you'll excuse me for reveling when people get caught being sneaky sneks.

1. This woman isn't a cheater, but it doesn't mean she isn't super sneaky.

Luckily she has a partner who knows of her ways and is ready at every turn. Busted!

2. And sometimes, you simply get in trouble by being impossibly annoying. 

This guy is going to drive his partner to cheat and she can't even be held liable. Poor girl.

3. Have a high maintenance gal? Head straight to Manipulationville.

He's trying his best, but I bet there are a billion other reasons why he is in the doghouse. Sleep well.

4. Talk about a roller coaster of emotion.

At first, it's hurt and disappointment, followed by relief — and then a swift double take that sends you right back to the beginning again.

Look at Maury. What a sicko. He LIVES for this life.

That poor woman is trying to figure out her life and he's eating popcorn, happy as a damn clam.

5. When a vague text leads seamlessly into the most awkward conversation of your life. 

But to be honest, this guy should have issued a follow-up question before launching into this soliloquy, or what should have been one. 

6. Let's get this woman a rosé, STAT. 

Sweet, sweet vengeance makes you really thirsty. But alimony quenches it just a wee bit. Good luck to you, sir. You'll need it.

7. If I had a nickel for every time I sent a text TO the person I was texting ABOUT...

The worst possible embarrassment ever. Even worse when you're slithering around.

8. If you're going to feign a fractured arm, best not post it on Facebook where your mom is guaranteed to call you out. 

And if you've never smelled a used cast...

Oh look, rare footage of me trying wrangle ex-boyfriends who try to slide back into the DMs.

Random piece of advice: a snake is a snake — you don't time for them to evolve.

9. Just take your little jean jacket and go home.

No, some stranger did not find you so dreamy that they had to use YOUR phone to take a picture of you while you slept.

10. 'Twas a valiant effort put forth by this young man. 

Unfortunately, some troll at the real Taco Bell saw fit to ruin the fun. Who wouldn't want Taco Bell delivery?

11. Just let him have his moment. He may be sneaky, but it doesn't hurt to play along as long as he isn't bothering anyone.

But the world doesn't work like that.

12. Look, you're plenty beautiful on your own, regardless of the size and shape of your thighs.

We all know that true beauty comes from the labels you wear, right? RIGHT?

When you pretend you're not about that drama but then drama happens...

This is basically me any time some juicy hot goss comes my way. This is actually all of us.

13. If you have to hashtag your post with "true story," chances are it's not a true story.

Sooo, you're saying that your dad hunts bears in a tux (for camouflage)?

14. Giiiirl. Zoom is a function we all have. And you know some troll is going to be looking for this exact type of thing.

You can't underestimate them, you know?

15. Am I working with a bunch of amateurs here?!

Do your research, people. If you're sneaky AF, live up to it. Did you really not think it through at all?

16. If I ever cheated, I'd hope that my partner would turn it all into a fun scavenger hunt like she did!

This is a comeuppance the likes of which I have never seen!

17. It's still clean! Give him a break. 

"Offered to clean the house for 'husband points' while the wife was out of town. Hired a maid but didn't check the work. Busted!" wrote arbucklefatty. 

18. If you look closely at this Pepsi salesman, you'll notice exactly how he was caught red-handed. Don't let his manager know. 

Can you blame him, though? There's nothing like an ice cold Coke. 

19. Finally, proof that people fake their "sleeping" shots all the time. Props on keeping the hat, though. It makes it seem spontaneous. 

It's a good idea to check for mirrors. Your fail may just go viral like this one did. 

20. The level of human expression on this dog's guilty face kills me.

That's the look of a dog who has been told to stop doing this many, many times. Hard to be mad at, really. 

21. When Bender is in your pocket and decides to take something with him for later. His face even looks guilty here. 

22. When you get caught digging another hole under the fence and you just lie down in defeat. 

"Caught in the act. I come home to this at least four times a week," wrote galaxywolfca. 

23. He knows what he did. Would you be able to figure out where each letter goes without looking it up?

"Caught the suspect red handed with incriminating evidence. The suspect's motive remains unknown."

24. This dog who you know has been told not to jump in the mud before. But that makes it so much better, right?

Dogs may act like they don't know better, but that guilty face says otherwise. 

25. Not sure if this is a "caught red-handed" kind of moment, but the face is still adorable.

He's probably wondering why that cup never seems to fill up. Happens to the best of us, buddy...

26. This dog knows what he did wrong, but in the end, he's the once with the cheese puffs.

27. The baby's food always went missing from her high table, but it wasn't clear how it was happening. Now it's very clear. 

28. When a gamer gets caught cheating. 

"My friend caught her husband cheating on her with a girl he met through online gaming," wrote gmb83. "She cleaned all of her belongings out of the house today...and left the shirt he wore to his bachelor party on his favorite gaming chair."

29. You see that expressionless dude standing behind these two women taking a selfie? Yeah, he's totally pickpocketing them at this moment. 

Lesson, don't ever try to steal something while someone is taking a picture. That's evidence homie. 

30. Look, I don't care if you can't grow facial hair. That is irrelevant.

But if you lie and try to pull the wool "beard" over my eyes, I'm going to think you're a cheater.

31. This is the only form of cheating I find acceptable. Maybe even preferable.

I like a man who can mix things up and surprise me by ordering pizza from different places.

32. I was just about to ask if it was really worth the money until I saw the post script. 

Hopefully, she only used half of what they had. Poor gal.

33. Girl, maybe you should just try and get that eight hours per night instead.

What do you expect? Either stay awake for a full day or park somewhere else. Easy.

34. This guy can't even get past an autocorrect.

Whether you're actually cheating or not, you're going to get busted somehow, for something. Best to just take the heat, buy the gift and move on.

35. This would be mortifying. Like, go crawl under a rock and hope no one ever finds you type of embarrassment. 

And especially if you're a public figure whose job it is to know people.

If you've been bitten by a snake, then I hope this hit the spot for you. 

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