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A 27-Year-Old Med Student Sold Her Virginity for $801,000. But There's
A Shocking Twist.

A 27-Year-Old Med Student Sold Her Virginity for $801,000. But There's A Shocking Twist.

Her pseudonym name was Elizabeth Raine. All we knew was that she was 27-year-old med student that was auctioning her virginity off so she can pay for medical school bills. 

The bidding just closed on Wednesday, May 7th at 8 PM EST. The winning bid? $801,000! Yes, you read that right. The process, as you read above, is "not thoughtless," so she has taken the necessary precautions to make sure everything is safe and there is no stress.

While I was amazed by this whole process, I didn't judge her and, actually, I supported her. Quite frankly, she is her own person and she can do whatever she wishes. Her motives were clear and honest, at least I thought they were.

Leading up to the winning bid, she began to change her stance a bit. According to Metro, "in recent weeks her stance has become increasingly more political. She recently wrote: ‘It is no longer about the money. Instead, very broadly, it is about how society continues to exercise control over female sexuality by chaining it tightly to female morality.’"

The hilarity in all this self-righteousness and this escapade? She backed out one day later. If you visit her website HERE, you can see that it no longer exists. 

On her blog, A Musings Of A Virgin Whore, she said the following:

What? She has the audacity to say it was a "very easy decision" when the whole time she was creating a media frenzy, standing up for women's rights and the like? She's just become another woman who sold her virginity online to get publicity then backed out.

Yet we're faced with an issue here: is she being genuine? Or was this all a publicity stunt like I'm painting it out to be? Either way, she's backed out, but she will be continuing her blog, even possibly changing the title. As a former supporter, I am now a present hater. Publicity fiasco? Without a doubt.

16 Facts You Probably Didn't Know About 'Friends'

16 Facts You Probably Didn't Know About 'Friends'

There are some things that even a die-hard Friendsfanatic wouldn't know.

If you can recite entire episodes, you probably think you know everything there is to know, right?

Well, you're wrong!  We have a list with hidden things about the show that pretty much defined the '90s. 

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1. Before the show aired on TV, the cast went to Las Vegas. Apparently, director James Burrows had a "feeling" about the show and paid for everything!

2. Ellen DeGeneres was the one who was first offered the role of Pheobe, but she turned it down..


3. Joey and Monica were supposed to end up together after being in a long on and off relationship like Rachel and Ross did.

But producers and writers saw that Jennifer Aniston and David Schwimmer had insta-chemistry so they changed their minds.

4. The intro wasn't even done in the real Central Park, it was in some Warner Bros studio in Hollywood.

Dancing in a fountain?? Just... why?

PS everyone thought this actor was actually gay, just like his character..

5. Speaking of studios, none of the show was ever shot in New York.

In fact, the only shot of New York was the outside of the apartment block.

6. Reese Witherspoon's character was only one the show once because Aniston hated working with her.

In fact, Jennifer Aniston made sure she never got a callback. I KNOW!

7. The cast thought Matthew Perry was actually gay... 

...just like the characters thought Chandler Bing was gay in "The One Where Nana Dies Twice."

8. Joey, the lovable, resident boob of the group was supposed to be an egghead.

The writers pictured the character being an intellectual – but Matt LeBlanc was the one leading the charge that Joey should be a little slow.

Plus there was another main character could have been missing from the final season... Can you imagine?

9. NBC thought the show taking place in a coffeehouse was too trendy.

When the producers pitched the show initially, the brass at NBC loved everything except where the the characters hung out. Luckily, cooler heads prevailed and we still got Central Perk.

10. Rachel could have been missing on the final season because Jennifer Aniston was waaaaaay too busy.

Jennifer wasn't 100% sure that she wanted to do it. She was at the high point of her career getting calls for lots of roles and one of the most famous people in the world. But eventually she caved and soldiered on and the whole cast was united going into the finale.

11. Bruce Willis lost a bet and didn't get paid for his cameo on the show.

 Bruce lost a bet with Matthew Perry and he acting fee went to charity.

12. Mathew Perry had a drug and alcohol addiction during filming.

In fact, his weight fluctuated wildly during shooting. He told the cast when he said he couldn't hide it anymore. 

And finally, two actors' names for one episode were changed to the same last name..

13. The role of Ross was designed specifically for David Schwimmer.

He was actually the first character cast. Executive producer Kevin Bright had worked with Schwimmer before, so the writers were developing Ross’s character for Schwimmer’s whiny, nasally voice.

14. Ben saying "Dada" was one of the hardest scenes to shoot

According to Mental Floss, "The plot of the episode is that Rachel hears the first word of Ross’s son, Ben. Ross is desperate to hear Ben talk again and spends the rest of the episode trying to get his son to talk. In one scene, Ross says, “It’s Ben and his Dada. Dada. Can you say ‘Dada’?” He’s supposed to be met with silence, but the child actor kept actually responding, 'Dada.'"

15. The entire cast had the last name "Arquette" in the sixth seasonpremiereepisodeThe One After Vegas.

It was also the first episode after Courteney Cox married David Arquette. In the credits, her name was switched to “Courteney Cox Arquette” and the other cast members followed suit with new names like “Jennifer Aniston Arquette. The episode is dedicated: “For Courteney and David, who did get married.”

16. There is no real Central Perk in New York... but there are replicas all over the world.

In 2010, Friendsfan Du Xin opened a Central Perk replica in downtown Beijing and even Liverpool.

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Main and collage image via G Magazine

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She Only Ate Apples For Months. Five Years Later THIS Is What She Looks

She Only Ate Apples For Months. Five Years Later THIS Is What She Looks Like

We're all well acquainted with the unrealistic weight standards that the media puts forth, particularly for young women. We see magazine covers with female models that are stick-thin and as a result, millions of young women feel forced to mold their bodies into that shape. In this cultural context, eating disorders have flourished, ravaging the lives of many of our youth.

Now this next story characterizes this problem all too well. One young woman was "lucky" enough to get a modelling contract by being discovered on the street. She was immediately thrown into the modelling world and discovered that she had to lose at least twenty pounds in order to fit into the clothes. What she did to fit in was tragic...

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1. The modelling industry is as popular as ever, but to fit in, you need to abide by a strict standard. If you aren't thin enough, you have to become thin enough.

2. Modelling agencies oftentimes hire models in their teenage years and sometimes do so without the supervision of a guardian or parent.

The combination of the allure of modelling, the pressure to have a specific body type, and the impressionable young age that many models are recruited can be a recipe for disaster for some. 

3. Meet Victoire Macon Dauxerre, an 18-year-old French student who was suddenly discovered one day on the street with her mother by a modelling agent.

4. She was quickly thrown into the whirlwind that is the European modelling industry.

What happened next highlights what is wrong with this line of business all too well...

5. In order to attain her dream of being picked up by some of the world's most popular fashion magazines, she had to drop over twenty pounds and she had to drop it fast.

Her solution? Only eat three apples a day for eight months straight.

6. To put things into perspective, the average apple has about 80 calories. 

Three apples amounts to 240 calories a day. The recommended number of calories that an active young woman should consume is between 2,000 and 2,400 calories. 

7. She worked extremely hard and shed the 22 pounds she needed.

After all, she had to fit into size 32-34 clothes by a fashion week event and nothing was going to get in her way.

8. She made it happen though and was picked up for multiple fashion shows across France, Italy, and the United States.

9. Pictured here, she came in at a weight of roughly 100 pounds.

The horrifying thing is that she is 5'10" tall!

10. Due to her horribly deprived diet, she began to lose her period and even developed osteoporosis. She also had developed bulimia and anorexia. 

An all apple diet just doesn't have the nutrients one needs to function properly. The body will literally eat itself in order to try and repair bones and muscle. Ultimately her psyche was also pushed to the limit and she attempted suicide by her eighth month of modelling.

11. So she quit. She just couldn't take anymore. 

She wrote a book at 23 years old called "Never Skinny Enough. Diary of a Top Model," where she detailed the horror that is the modelling industry. She now talks to groups of young women in the effort to sway them away from the world of modelling.

12. Luckily, Victoire is doing great and making the most out of life!

Other high-profile models have come out to the public about their struggles with anorexia and bulimia...

13. Another model, Zuzanna Buchwald, has publicly discussed her struggles with an eating disorder after being thrown into the pressure-filled modelling industry. 

Her message to the world echoes Victoire's...

14. The pressure put on Zuzanna led her to develop anorexia and bulimia. 

In an interview, Zuzanna explained how agents would pressure her to stop eating and said that “I was very weak, very down all the time. I lost my period for three years, I had problems with teeth, my complexion was grey, my skin was dry. It was a terrible experience.” She has since gotten her life back and has a clear message to the public concerning an industry that threatened the lives of both her and Victoire Macon Dauxerre.

15. She went on to describe the brutality of being rejected because of your weight.

“If you lose weight, you will be praised by all for how good you look and sent out to castings. If you don’t, you will be sent away to continue dieting," she explained. 

16. She has strong words for the modern modelling industry.

“I won’t stay silent anymore. I’m no longer afraid to say that the fashion industry has an exploitative and dangerous side to the often desperate young girls churning through it," she said.

17. Her words didn't stop there. 

“I am calling to the media and fashion industry to stop imposing this unhealthy, dangerous body-rigid ideal of a size zero and replace it with the image of health, happiness, and personality,” Zuzanna said. 

18. What do you think about the unrealistic standards young women are held to in the modelling industry? 

Has it gone too far?

19. At a minimum, these two women deserve a lot of credit coming back from such an unfair situation. 

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Google Wants Their Drone Delivery System To Take Off By 2017

Google Wants Their Drone Delivery System To Take Off By 2017

As much as commercial drones give us breathtaking aerial shots during natural disasters or giant rallies, their potential definitely hasn't been tapped into. 

On Monday, Google's holding company Alphabet Inc. announced that it expects to use a fleet of drones to deliver stuff to customers by 2017. 

David Vos, the head of Alphabet's Project Wing, said his division was talking with the Federal Aviation Administration about creating an air traffic control system for their drones controlled only by cellular and Internet tech. But don't look to the skies yet; the FAA has to publish rules for all commercial drones first and that wouldn't start until next year.

Alphabet's drones only fly up to 500 feet and would be similar to those of, who is aiming to deliver their products directly to schmucks via drones, cutting down on a colossal waste of time making small talk with the delivery guy.

Project Wing's prototypes, which were field-tested in Australia in 2014, look a lot like the four-propeller quadcopters that are sold commercially, but more designs would be on the rise once the project is more established.

Alphabet's Project Wing drones, which were field-tested in Australia in 2014

"We're pretty much on a campaign here, working with the FAA, working with the small UAV community and the aviation community at large, to move things along," Vos said. He said it would only take a year to set up a drone registry for operators and to make sure other aircraft don't crash into the drones.

Google is hoping to carve out so-called "Class G" airspace specifically for drones that is well below where manned aircraft fly yet still over populated areas.

The Obama administration had wanted to set up the drone registry by Dec. 20.

Main image and collage image via YouTube / Google

These 16 Mannequin Fails Are So Funny For No Reason

These 16 Mannequin Fails Are So Funny For No Reason

You've probably seen store mannequins hundreds of times in your life, but you have never seen them like this. 

I honestly don't know what these stores were thinking because none of these mannequins should ever be seen by human eyes — and they certainly don't make me want to buy clothes. 

But they are good for one thing: lots and lots of jokes. 

1. This mannequin and caption that are actually so relatable. 

We've all been in this situation, and that posture is 100% accurate. I do not understand why any store would want a mannequin that looks this bummed out. 

2. Um...that's one way to assemble a mannequin, I guess. 

Whoever built this mannequin did a great job! They were trying to channel Dr. Frankenstein, right? Because if they were, they nailed it! 

3. Whoever came up with this caption deserves all of the applause. 

It's so hard being a woman these days and trying to live up to society's high standards of beauty! This look seems particularly unattainable. 

4. This mannequin that is so awkward that I'm pretty positive they modeled its pose on my Facebook photos from 2007. 

I feel personally attacked by how much this mannequin resembles my bad attempts to look cool in photographs. 

5. The best part about this photo is how the other mannequin is having none of it. 

"Girl, I am not going through this with you again. Get your life together." 

6. Everything about this mannequin is terrifying and wrong. 

If I saw this in a store, you can bet that I'd hightail it out of there as fast as I could. I don't need this kind of controversy in my life. 

7. Yes, girl! Slay! 

I aspire to have the same amount of confidence as this mannequin. She is definitely upstaging her friends in the back, and I am here for it. Do you, mannequin. 

8. "I wonder how these clothes would look if I was sprawled out on the ground," said no one ever while shopping. 

But I have to admit that this mannequin is truly fabulous. 

9. I'm pretty sure if you saw this mannequin in person, it'd be the last thing you ever saw. 

Who decided that a screaming child frozen in time would make a good mannequin? I have questions. 

10. The perfect mannequin for when you need to buy an outfit for the special cone-headed lady in your life. 

You know, when you want to make her feel better about never being able to find a hat that fits. 

11. These three mannequins that definitely do not want you to buy clothes. 

In fact, they are straight up disgusted by you and by your contribution to consumerism. You should be ashamed. 

12. I've got to give this store employee props for really going for it. 

Whoever styled these mannequins really went above and beyond. 

They were incredibly misguided, but their heart was in the right place! 

13. This bride that is definitely a flight risk. 

Um, this is supposed to be the happiest day of your life!

This mannequin looks like she's thinking about the easiest way to sneak out the window in that dress. 

14. This mannequin that hates their job and has just totally given up. 

You literally had one job, but this mannequin isn't even trying. Let's see a little more enthusiasm for that sale! 

15. Speaking of enthusiasm, this is more like it! 

Wow, these mannequins sure do love their suits! This suit is perfect for the business man who also needs to rock out every once in a while. 

And finally, this mannequin that just changed your life. 

This mannequin definitely just watched Dead Poets Societyand is ready to put those lessons into action. 

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