Thursday, August 24, 2017

13 Things That Shouldn't Happen

With so many people in the world, we're often surprised by what can happen. On a daily basis, we never really know what's going to happen to us, though we try to prepare as best as we possibly can. With that said, some things are inevitable and even if we try to stick to a boring routine to avoid surprises, we'll still always be surprised! More often than not, these things don't have a negative effect on us, though some definitely can. For the most part, we're surprised by really weird things that simply shouldn't happen. 

1. A person moving like a spider? Yeah, no thanks. 

2. Pharmacists should give clear instructions, right? Does this count as attempted murder?

3. Math class exists so graphs like this don't.

4. Yeah, this shouldn't happen unless you never change the toothbrush head.

5. This only happens if the elections look like they're about to get out of hand.

6. I don't think taxidermy is supposed to look like that...

7. I thought smoke detectors were supposed to detect smoke, not create it.

8. This should NEVER be the "free gift" promised by an apartment complex.

9. This is exactly how your RSVP card should NOT read.

10. A blown-up picture of your head should never be put on a helmet... Ever.

11. Your drink should never have to have the word "harmless" in it.

12. Your dog's doppelganger probably shouldn't be a banana.

13. And if this is how you get toothpaste out, you're doing it all wrong... 


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